No-Turn-Away Bike Camping Policies

Have you ever been turned away at a park campground because it was full? 

Camping reservations are hard to plan for on a tour when you don’t know how far you’ll be going and things don’t go as planned. Bike travelers with no motorized support can be stranded if they are turned away from full campgrounds and other accommodations are far away. 

A no-turn-away policy or directive is one way campgrounds can guarantee an emergency camping space for small groups of self-contained bicycle travelers who arrive at a full campground.

  • For bike travelers: if you are traveling by bicycle and plan to stay in a state park listed below, we recommend bringing a copy of their no-turn-away policy.
  • For park campgrounds: if your park would like to implement a no-turn-away policy, please email For more information about bike camping, download the Guide to Bicycle Camping or check out Parks Partnerships & Resources

State Park No-Turn-Away Policies 

Photo courtesy of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department