Dynamo Jenny

A podcast about women, bikes, and taking up space in America

Dynamo Jenny
Few things changed the public landscape for women quite like the advent of bicycles, and yet, the cycling industry's focus on white men makes one think that no one else rides. This is a retelling of who gets to adventure through the town square and out into America on the vulnerable, and venerable, bicycle.
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E1 | Taking on the Town Square
We can’t be what we can’t see.
E2 | Getting There
Travel has a way of shedding a little light on things.
E3 | Trial by Fire
First-time adventures often require a fateful leap of faith.
E4 | Feats of Strength
Telling them they don’t look like a cyclist only strengthens their resolve.
E5 | Hitting the Wall
When the going gets tough, they grow the toughness they need.
E6 | Bringing It Back Around
How three women ensure that bicycles aren’t for the privileged few.