Board of Directors

Wally Werner, President

Wally joined Adventure Cycling in 1984, then Bikecentennial, and became a Life Member in 2003. He’s hooked on Adventure Cycling tours — having been on several — and he took the Leadership Training Course (LTC) in 1999. Since then, he has led over 45 trips, including the LTC as well as Introduction to Bicycle Touring. “All trips are special because of the people you meet and the great riding, but I have really enjoyed watching new bicycle tourists grow more confident as we take them through the Intro course and they learn that they too can hop on their bike and head out for an overnight or a month. And it’s really great to show new leaders the Adventure Cycling tour model, watch it click with them, and then send them out with their own tour groups.” Wally believes that by offering quality tours and excellent resources, Adventure Cycling is able to attract more cyclists and inspire them to travel by bicycle. “Our mission really resonates with me, and as the organization fulfills its vision with the U.S. Bicycle Route System and other programs, I‘m excited to have the opportunity to help move this work forward by serving as a Board member.” When not on his bike, Wally can be found behind a computer keyboard in Denver, Colorado, working on websites for the clients of his company, the Red Arrow Group, Inc.

Joyce Casey, Vice President

Joyce joined Adventure Cycling in 1998 and became a Life Member in 2010. It wasn’t until 2007 that Joyce went on an Adventure Cycling tour, and that experience convinced her she wanted to be more involved in Adventure Cycling. Joyce took the Leadership Training Course in 2008 and has been an active tour leader ever since. She values Adventure Cycling because the organization provides people with the tools to realize their own goals and dreams. Our tours are an important way we carry out that philosophy. “My favorite part of leading tours is seeing the group camaraderie and the friendships that form from the seat of a bike.” Joyce has developed new tours and also teaches in the Educational Tours, which she sees as an important part of growing the mission. A long-time federal employee, Joyce has worked with all levels of government and has extensive experience in policy development and issue resolution. “I am excited to serve on the Board because I have seen firsthand the empowerment and personal growth people experience through bicycle travel. I am honored to have the opportunity to help grow Adventure Cycling.” When not on her bike, Joyce is the Branch Chief for Environmental Resources for the Portland District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

George Mendes, Treasurer

George Mendes lives in The Woodlands, Texas, and was introduced to Adventure Cycling when it provided George with the information and inspiration to successfully complete his first solo cross-country cycling adventure in 2006 on the Southern Tier Route. George has been cycling for over 30 years and rides for fitness and fun, but found that his self-supported tours were also a journey of self-discovery. This self-discovery came from the interesting people you meet along the way, to the places you see, and the time spent on self-reflection. “I’ve been lucky to have experienced firsthand Adventure Cycling’s mission and values. I am honored to be considered for a board position and fully understand the importance board members have on organizations in being advocates for and representatives of the organization in the community, along with providing advice and counsel on the organization’s direction,” George says. “If selected, I can commit to devote sufficient time to doing the board’s work and bring some key business skills in organizational and process effectiveness, fundraising, and technology that can help complement the skills of the other board members.” “As I reflect back on my life experiences, it’s evident that my best memories weren’t made on a cell phone; or sitting in rush hour traffic; or tackling that endless to-do list. My best memories were made in the moments when I slowed down, doing the things I love, with the people I love, and cycling.”

Andy Baur

Andy Baur found Adventure Cycling in 1993 while planning a bike trip through central Europe. “I am really excited to serve the organization that essentially changed my life with hopes that others will find the same inspiration from bicycle travel that I did.” Working in bicycle and pedestrian facility planning provided the foundation for his 14-year stint as executive director of Prickly Pear Land Trust in Helena, Montana. While there, Andy learned the value of building partnerships and community support to address the challenges that face Western towns. These partnerships led to the development of Helena’s highly regarded system of hiking and biking trails. Andy continues his work in land conservation and now leads the Western Conservation Project working closely with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) chapters in Montana and Washington on the Great Western Checkerboards Project – a landscape level land acquisition of over 165,000 acres in both states with the objective of building community support to transition these former timberlands into public ownership to be managed for recreation, wildlife habitat and local community benefits. As part of this effort, Andy assisted AC’s Routes and Mapping Department in scouting the Missoula Spur on the revised maps of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route which crosses the TNC checkerboard lands. Andy and his wife Betsy and daughter Caroline have toured in Europe and South America including a tour of the Camino de Santiago on a triplet, “but our most memorable tours was right out our back door through central Montana.”. The Baur family is a life member of Adventure Cycling.

Andrew Huppert

Andrew Huppert is a Montana native who is considered one of Montana's leading attorneys in recreational and adventure law liability. Andy's expertise is highly valuable in helping Adventure Cycling stay on top of the legal landscape and the field of recreational law. Andy and his family moved to Missoula in 2003 and immediately became obsessed with the remarkable mountain biking Missoula has to offer. While road biking is also on Andy’s menu, he loves promoting the unique challenges and joys that only climbing a spectacular 10,000-foot summit on your two-wheeled companion (without cars on your tail) can provide. Andy is also an avid skier, golfer, photographer, musician, and writer. He lives in Missoula with his wife Polly and 7-year-old son Matthew, as well as numerous dogs, cats and horses.

Jenny Park

Jenny connected to Adventure Cycling after her first bike tour—a thrilling solo ride across Austria in 2014—and wants adventure-seekers from all backgrounds to experience the joy and freedom of traveling by bike. A long-time bicycle commuter, Jenny has been an advocate in her home of Chattanooga and served on the Board of Bike Walk Tennessee from 2011-2014. She has coordinated a range of bicycle education, policy, and programming events, including the inaugural Tennessee Bike Summit in 2012. 

In her work, Jenny serves as the Strategic Capital Planner for the City of Chattanooga. In this role, she coordinates a $100 million annual capital budget, working across departments to plan and budget City investments in infrastructure, equipment, technology, and public spaces. She previously served as a Senior Planner at the MPO, focusing on multimodal transportation planning and funding at the regional level, while doing work with community outreach, grants, and open data policy. 

Jenny grew up in a Bed & Breakfast, and values meeting new people through travel. Having traveled in more than 25 countries, Jenny finds adventure abroad, as well as at home in the Tennessee Valley. She also loves hiking, karaoke, and hosting friends. Jenny holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Lee University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She is a Next City Vanguard, a member of the Government Finance Officers Association, and has been featured in Planning Magazine.

Mike Dillon

Mike is a long-time resident of Silicon Valley where he lives with his wife and three children. In 2010, when the company where he worked was acquired and he lost his job, Mike embarked upon a 3,600-mile solo ride across the U.S. For him, the ride was a life-changing experience which he described in a book he wrote about his travels called Changing Cadence. “As I pedaled each day, I became reconnected with the richness and diversity of the country and regained a sense of perspective that we often lose in the stress of our daily lives.” In preparation for the ride, Mike became a member of Adventure Cycling. “Adventure Cycling is not just an organization, it is a community of people who are passionate about adventure and cycling. It is also a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to go for a long ride.” Mike and his wife are active road and mountain bike riders. He tries to get insufficient mileage each year to offset the calories resulting from his deep love of IPAs. When he’s not on a bike saddle, Mike is general counsel of Adobe Systems.

Rami Haddad

Adventure Cycling inspired Rami 10 years ago to travel by bicycle, and he still does! “The memories of that trip along the Great Parks North Route are still vivid: majestic mountains, emerald lakes, hot springs, open roads, and passing by the Adventure Cycling office in Missoula where it all started,” he said. Little did he know that he would become Volunteer of the Year in 2014 and join the board in 2017.

A technology consultant by profession, Rami does not leave home without his outdoor electronics combining GPS and maps. Hence, he started contributing to the GPS forum, helped launch digital maps, and most recently introduced mobile map apps.

“By now, I am hooked, wanting to get involved ever more and help where I can to further the organization’s mission,” he said. Rami continues to push our agenda for digital navigation, a closer connection with our members, and support for the Greg Siple Award for Young Adult Bicycle Travel.

Starting at the age of six, Rami’s kids joined him on trips, which turned out to be an annual family event. The idea is to have at least one trip from the steps of the house to their destination and back, all self-supported and car-free, combining train, bus, and ferry options to visit many local treasures of New England and beyond. He is often organizing such trips to include friends, neighbors, and local clubs.

Maria Elena Price

Maria Elena Price (known as M.E. by many of her friends) co-owns ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours, an international bike touring company founded by her parents in 1972 and a longtime corporate member and sponsor of Adventure Cycling.  Maria Elena manages the company's stateside growth and development from its headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado while her sister manages the European operations in Italy.  Maria Elena holds an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado after previously earning a dual Bachelor's degree in Psychology and International affairs from the same university.  In 2011 Maria Elena and Monica Price were both selected by National Geographic Traveler to be listed in their Top 10 Guides in the world feature. Although she no longer guides trips each year or even tours by bike as much as she would like, Maria Elena spends time every year planning and developing new trips and helping her sister in the field training guides and dreaming about new types of ways to see the world by bike as she feels strongly that it is the best way to travel and get to know a place.  Active in the Adventure Travel Industry and motivated to continually consider how tourism impacts the world, in 2016 Maria Elena was honored to join the Adventure Travel Trade Association's Advisory Board.

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey joined Adventure Cycling in 1990 while planning his first bike tour, combining three of Adventure Cycling’s routes for a 5,000-mile solo bike tour from San Francisco to Bar Harbor. That 10-week tour inspired his career in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy which he was able to cultivate as part of his studies at College of the Atlantic where he earned a degree in Human Ecology. In 1992-93, he bicycled around the world on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship studying bicycle policy, infrastructure, and programs in 15 countries. “I learn best by exploring our amazing world by bicycle,” says Jeff who has been on the Board since 2004. For over 20 years, Jeff has been a bicycle advocacy leader at the local, state, and national level. Over 12 years he grew the Bicycle Coalition of Maine into one of the most effective state advocacy organizations and then was tapped by his peers to be the President/CEO of the Alliance for Biking & Walking which helped grow state and local advocacy among their 200 organizations. After stepping down from the Alliance to be a primary parent to toddler twins, Jeff started his own private bike tour company as the DC Cycling Concierge and also serves as the VP of North America for CycleLifeHQ, an economic development firm working with communities to become bicycle travel destinations. “I am passionate about Adventure Cycling’s mission, travel initiatives to support better bicycle travel, and projects like the U.S. Bicycle Route System.” 

Steve Seto

Steve holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and BA from UCLA. He teaches at LMU’s MBA program and volunteers with community development groups in Japan. He enjoys international travel, camping, ukulele, rowing and midcentury modern design. Steve lives in Los Angeles.

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