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Adventure is Out There

Find the adventure in your life

We inspire, empower, and connect a growing community of bicycle travelers.
Your Adventure Awaits
Explore Category
Stories that inspire you to get out there and explore the world.
Plan Category
Guidance to transform your daydreams into life-changing experiences.
Ride Category
A helping hand in moving you through the challenge and excitement of your adventure.
Support Category
Ways you can get involved and help us improve the world of bicycle touring.
Feel the wind in your hair and the curves of the road as you travel along to the stories of those who have pedaled into an adventure. Inspiring tales will take you to far-flung lands as well as nearby hidden gems you could tour over a weekend.
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Plan your adventure with confidence. We’ve simplified the process of crafting the perfect trip — one that fits your style and satisfies your desire to explore, thrive, and expand your horizons.
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Whether you’re packing in the miles or meandering along your route, your bike trip will be something to remember. We’ll be there as you travel — and when the unexpected arrives — to lend you helpful resources and plenty of encouragement.
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We want to inspire people to take on adventures, empower them to live full lives, and connect them to the people and places that provide powerful experiences. It is only through the strength and support of the community that we make meaningful bicycle travel better for everyone.
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