Going Digital: App or GPX?

Adventure Cycling offers GPX data you can download and use on a GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. We also offer an app to be used on a smartphone. Use these products with the paper maps of the Adventure Cycling Route Network to improve your navigation, both on and off the route.

The GPX data are comprised of Route Tracks and Service Points . The route tracks are high-resolution navigational paths following Adventure Cycling Routes that will display as a line on your device. When GPS is turned on, an indicator will show your location in relation to that line. The service points are the same services that are close to the route and listed on the physical maps.

Which Digital Product is right for you?

Review the table below to help you determine which navigational aid is the best fit for you.

Bicycle Route Navigator App

Mobile App for iOS and Android. Purchase and use routes and services within the app.

Adventure Cycling GPX Data

Route and service data in .gpx format for use with GPS devices and 3rd party GPS apps (NOT The Bicycle Route Navigator App)

Device Types
  • Smartphone/device running iOS or Android
Route Display & Customization
  • Route line managed by app, not editable by user
  • GPX data, including ACA route data packages, are NOT compatible 
  • GPX route files display as a route line
  • Data is editable to customize route
  • Data may be used in desktop software for planning
Route Services
  • App symbols closely correspond with Adventure Cycling’s paper map
  • May display services by category
  • May contact many services from within the app
  • Display is dependent on 3rd party app
  • GPX services file may be edited to remove or add service points
Multiple Device Use
  • Yes, any device tied to the same app store account, but NOT between iOS and Android devices.
  • Yes
Route Availability
  • All Adventure Cycling routes
  • All Adventure Cycling routes
Getting Started
  • Download free app with Google Play or iTunes account
  • Purchase map sections within the app. GPX data purchased from the Cyclosource Store is NOT compatible with the app
  • Map section purchases are not transferable between Google Play and Apple iTunes accounts.
  • Purchase data via online Cyclosource store
  • Download 3rd party app of your choice
  • Download zip files
  • Load data into 3rd Party app or GPS device
  • Manual file management required
  • $10.99 (USD) per map section
  • $9.99 (USD) per section when purchased as complete map set (rounded to app store set prices)
  • Adventure Cycling Route App is free
  • $10.99 (USD) per map section
  • $9.99 (USD) per section when purchased as complete map set
  • 3rd party app cost is variable
Special features
  • Calculate distances and view elevation profiles on the fly
  • Download maps for use without cell service
  • Two base maps to choose from: Google Maps or OpenCycleMap
  • Riding Conditions from paper map
  • Show your location on the route
  • Layers displaying wind speed and weather warnings
  • Files in GPX file format
  • Files may be used with a variety of 3rd party apps that accept GPX data
  • Options will differ from app to app including:
    • a variety of base maps
    • elevation displays
    • online/offline use
    • locational information

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Adventure Cycling GPX Data


Adventure Cycling Association strives to keep its GPX data up to date. However, features are continually changing, so the data may not reflect the most current condition. You are solely responsible for safe navigation and the prudent use of this data.


See our detailed support pages for more information and instructions on how to use the tracks and service points and the GPX Data for Devices FAQs to answer common questions.

If you still have questions, visit the GPS & Digital Data Discussion Forum to share your experience, ask questions, & discuss digital navigation topics. Fellow riders and Adventure Cycling staff members participate in these forums.