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Mission in Action

  • Imagine 1,200 miles of mountain and moonscape formations on a new Yellowstone-Minneapolis route. Or meander down the Atlantic Coast seashore on the Delmarva Route. When you donate today, your donation is tripled by our route trailblazers!

  • Despite comprising 18% of traffic fatalities, states spend less than 1% of federal safety dollars on improving safety for people who walk and bike. The SAFE Streets Act will dedicate federal dollars to making our roads safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Please ask your Congress member to support SAFE Streets.

  • Over 6,100 people rode more than half a million miles during Bike Travel Weekend, May 31 – June 2. That’s more than the distance to the moon and back, and an average of 82 miles per person. Check out more Bike Travel Weekend facts and figures in the report.

  • Delta Airlines announced that it will now treat bicycles like other checked baggage, without the extra $150 fee. There are still weight and size restrictions, but the new policy will make it easier to bring your bike with you.

  • The following Bike Shops believe in the Mission of the Adventure Cycling Association and have supported the organization by becoming a member shop. If you are looking for a bike shop in your current location, please give one of our supporting shops a try.

“I really like your selection of biking equipment and apparel. You don’t overdo it quantity wise, but seem to have a good selection of good quality material.”
John Daly – Los Alamos, NM

Adventure Cycling's mission is to inspire, empower and connect people to travel by bicycle. You belong with us.

Adventure Cyclist magazine is dedicated to bicycle travel in all forms. When you join, you'll get nine issues chock-full of bicycle touring tips and inspiring places to ride.

There are a wealth of cycling resources and discounts available to members. You are also supporting the creation of better cycling conditions through the advocacy work of the organization, and the building of the largest cycling network in the world.

Members receive 25%- 30% off the 48,608 miles of Adventure Cycling printed bicycle maps. With turn-by-turn instructions, we have a lifetime of places to ride just for you!

Adventure Cycling Highlights
SE tours Aug hilight
Gators and great food highlight many trips down south, but this year-round cycling destination is far from a one-note song — this is the home of the blues and Rock n’ Roll! It doesn’t matter where you’re headed as long as there’s BBQ or gumbo at the end of a day in the saddle.
Sales August Highlight
We encourage you to embrace these days of uncertain weather, and hop on your saddle and enjoy the colors of fall amid the milder — dare we say perfect — riding temperatures. In Cyclosource you will find our selection of what we feel is the best touring gear on the market today.
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Find your park by bicycle on Bike Your Park Day, September 28, when thousands of people throughout the world explore public lands by bicycle on the same day. Register for Bike Your Park Day to be entered for a chance to win a Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1 adventure touring bicycle.
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Become an ambassador for Adventure Cycling and communicate your passion for bicycle travel by giving a presentation to people in your community.
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We can do more together than we can alone. Your generous contribution will enable us to power better bicycle travel.
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We focus our efforts on four key aspects of bicycle travel: more miles of connected routes, easier access to routes, safer conditions, and more bike-friendly services.
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