Guided Tours

Adventure Cycling is the name in bicycle travel. We’ve been rolling since Bikecentennial in the ’70s. We’ve inspired countless touring cyclists then through today to undertake epic, life-changing journeys on two wheels. Folks quickly find that life on a bike is filled with headwinds, tailwinds, incredible scenery, and mountain passes to grind up and fly down.

Our guided tours are instilled with the same ideals, but accomplishments are celebrated with fellow riders. You’ll make new friends and develop a deep sense of camaraderie whether the trip is one week or 90 days. Forget about the worry of logistics and reservations -- we've taken care of that. Our routes are curated by experienced leaders. You’ll even have the comfort of riding at your own pace.

You get to determine what adventure means to you. Find out on an Adventure Cycling tour — Your Adventure Awaits!

“Without a doubt, the best part of the tour was the friendships we made. We came from all levels of experience. Everyone was supportive. Every single day, no matter what the difficulty of the day, we laughed.” – Sam, Tour Participant

Types of Tours

We have types of tours that suit different styles of touring. All come in different lengths and levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced. Generally our tours have between 10-15 participants, with the exception being our larger Fully Supported Events.

This is the traditional type of touring where there is no vehicle support. All shared gear is carried by the group. Cooking responsibilities rotate amongst its members. A majority of nights are spent outdoors under the stars. This is the simplest way to experience a bike touring adventure. An indoor stay or restaurant may be sprinkled in just when you need it the most.

The type of tour for those of us that prefer the comforts of a cozy bed. As the name suggests, each night is spent indoors. Breakfast and dinners are enjoyed in restaurants. Although there is no vehicle support, you’ll only need to carry the minimal gear of your clothes, toiletries, basic repair items, and a bag lunch for the day.

If you prefer touring without the load of a full set of panniers, but you still love camping, we have a van and trailer to haul your gear. Just worry about pedaling. Carry nothing more than water/lunch/snacks and maybe some rain gear if the weather’s dodgy. You’ll still have fun with your partner rotating on camp cooking duty. But not to worry, on certain tours there are the occasional restaurant meals and indoor stays.

Fully Supported and Family Fun Events
The top level of support! Meals are catered. Luggage is hauled. Starry night camping with motel options. Water/snack stops along the route. Just enjoy riding, the scenery, and the people you are there with. These tours are larger in size (20-50 participants) and staffed by several tour leaders all looking out for you.

Not sure you're ready to take the leap into full-on independent touring? Our Intro to Road and Intro to Gravel Touring & Bikepacking courses help you break down the basics. There is some in-person classroom work before setting out as a group on a short self-contained tour. We also offer Leadership Training Courses for those experienced in bike touring but want to start leading their own groups. 

“This was my first organized multiday trip. I was traveling solo and I had a wonderful time. I could set my own pace and never felt rushed. The food was fantastic and there was lots of it! I can’t say enough good things about the leaders. I will definitely sign up for another one.” – Kelly, Tour Participant

All of our tours are listed below. If you have any questions, give us a call or reach out through our online chat. We’re here for you — because Your Adventure Awaits! 

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“ I’ve done a number of tours with Adventure Cycling and loved them all, but this was the best group I’ve been with. The people on this trip were just plain fun. I loved everywhere we got to see.”  — Jeff, Tour Participant

“ I love the little towns, particularly Patagonia. Tombstone was interesting but did not get to see much of it. Bisbee is a fascinating and historic community. The roads were generally fine and not too busy. The terrain was sufficiently challenging, but not intimidating for this early season rider who was not in top shape.”  — Stephanie, Tour Participant

Tour Team Top Picks

C&O Canal/GAP - Spring
C&O Canal/GAP - Spring

Self Contained. This spring, you won’t need to worry about traffic as you ride your hybrid or mountain bike some 330 miles on hard-packed, gently graded gravel and dirt trails from the heart of the nation’s capital north to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Blue Ridge Bliss - North Carolina
Blue Ridge Bliss - North Carolina

Fully Supported. The Blue Ridge Parkway stretches for 469 miles, from North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the south to Waynesboro, Virginia, in the north. On our Blue Ridge Bliss tour, you’ll explore more than 300 of the very best of those miles. In fact, the North Carolina mountains offer some of the best cycling in the country.