Adventure Cycling Route Network

We've mapped 48,608 miles of cycling routes throughout North America.

The Adventure Cycling Route Network features rural and low-traffic bicycling routes through some of the most scenic and historically significant terrain in North America. Since mapping our first route in 1976, the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, the Adventure Cycling Route Network  has blossomed into an awe-inspiring network of 48,608 miles. 

About Adventure Cycling Maps

Adventure Cycling develops the best cross-country, loop, coastal, and inland cycling routes available, with turn-by-turn directions, detailed navigational instructions for the tricky sections, and elevation profiles in the high country. Adventure Cycling's maps are also waterproof and designed to fit in a handlebar-bag window or jersey pocket. The maps provide information specifically for cyclists: the location of bike shops, sources for food and water, and listings of overnight accommodations including camping facilities, small hotels, and cyclists-only lodging. Learn more about the map features. Note: Our routes are typically not the shortest distance between A and B. They will often wander a bit on more rural or less trafficked roads.

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Highlights from the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

How to Read Adventure Cycling's Traditional Maps

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Support the Adventure Cycling Route Network

Donate today to support the research and development of new routes as well as the maintenance of the 48,608 miles of existing routes in the Adventure Cycling Route Network. You can also sponsor a mile (or entire map panel) along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route, the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail, the Southern Tier Bicycle Route or the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Photo by Aaron Teasdale