Bicycle Route Navigator FAQ

Plan and navigate Adventure Cycling routes from your smartphone or tablet with Bicycle Route Navigator!

The Bicycle Route Navigator app features 50,527 miles of awe-inspiring, well-established bicycle routes and 100+ maps to choose from. You can purchase the route sections you need from within the app. No subscriptions or complex file conversions are necessary — just download the app, purchase a route section, and start riding with confidence.

We've answered the most common questions we have received about Bicycle Route Navigator below.

Do you have sample data so I can see what I’m getting with the app?

The Bicycle Route Navigator comes with sample data from the iconic TransAmerica route. After installing the app on your device, the sample data will be available under the “My Routes” tab. This will allow you to become familiar with the data and functionality provided when purchasing route sections within the app.

I’ve purchased one or more Adventure Cycling GPX Data packages and would like to use the data within the Bicycle Route Navigator App. Is this possible?

To keep the app simple and easy to use, Bicycle Route Navigator only works with the route data available for purchase through the app itself. You may use the Adventure Cycling GPX Data packages in a third party app of your choice or on Garmin or other compatible GPS devices. More info on the GPX Data packages here.

I already have one of the individual route apps (TransAmerica, Pacific Coast, Southern Tier, Bicycle Route 66, or Chicago to New York City) and purchased route sections. Will they be available in Bicycle Route Navigator?

If you installed one of our route-specific apps, you may continue using it. You cannot move purchases from one of these apps to the Bicycle Route Navigator. NOTE: The route-specific apps  will no longer be updated as we focus on Bicycle Route Navigator app moving forward.

I’m getting an error when trying to download a route for Offline Use.

Offline downloads can be large and may have issues with slow or intermittent Wi-Fi connections. If you are running into connection timeouts or other errors when downloading route sections for offline use, we suggest trying a different Wi-Fi connection. It is recommended to download all offline route sections that you will need from a strong connection before hitting the road. We've also heard from iOS users that it is helpful to keep the app open and the device "awake" during the download process.

Route sections that I have purchased are now showing the “Buy Now” button after moving to a new device or after reinstalling the app on the same device.

In the settings menu, choose the “Restore Purchases” option.  Make sure that your device is using the same app store account that was used to purchase the route sections originally.

I don’t have a “Buy Now” button on the Route page for purchasing the entire route in one step.

Once a single section has been purchased for a route, you are no longer able to purchase the entire route at once and must purchase route sections individually.

Can I transfer map section purchases between an Apple device and an Android device?

No, map section in-app purchases are not transferrable between the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

Can I use map section purchases on multiple devices?

Yes, the purchases can be used on multiple devices as long as both devices are signed into the same Google Play or Apple ID (Purchases are tied to the account, not the device).

When I click on a wind arrow the weather information shows an updated date in the past. How do I update to get the latest weather?

When the wind and weather are turned on, the data is downloaded to your device. To update the weather data to the current data available, toggle the weather wind and weather layer off and on in the Layers tab.

Do Adventure Cycling Members get a discount on the route sections purchased in the Bicycle Route Navigator App?

Due to the complexities with the Google Play and iTunes stores, we are unable to offer membership discounts on route sections purchased in the app. Members still receive discounts on paper maps.

What can I do to make my phone not lose battery life so quickly?

There are several things you can do on the road to conserve battery life on your smartphone or tablet:

  • Turn your device into airplane mode (all the time if you’re using offline mode, otherwise only during times when you aren’t actively using the app)
  • Turn down the screen brightness, and set it to low power mode (even if the battery isn’t low).
  • Change the settings in your device to only allow the Bicycle Route Navigator app location access while using the app, instead of all the time.
  • Purchase a portable battery pack or a solar charger that you can rig up to your bike.