Promotion Resources

Promotion resources provides tools and information for promoting your established U.S. Bicycle Route. You'll find signing guides and examples in Signing, interactive maps and mapping tools in Mapping, examples of how to market bicycle tourism under Tourism and Marketing, and resources for promotional events and media in Media and Outreach.


  • Best Practice Phase II: An overview of how states are signing, mapping and promoting their U.S. Bicycle Routes.


Signing guides

  • AASHTO Guide for The Development of Bicycle Facilities 4th Edition: This is the newest version of the guide, released in February of 2013.
  • Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices: This manual is managed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the latest version was released in 2009. The black and white USBR sign is in the manual; however, a new green and white version was approved that states may use if they request interim approval from the FHWA. 
  • U.S. Bicycle Route Guide Signing is a report that evaluates the signing needed for effective wayfinding and consistency on co-designated numbered and/or named bicycle routes, specifically U.S. Bicycle Routes. The final report provides recommendations for an effective method for integrating existing named and numbered routes and trails into a national route system.

Signing Examples



More local communities and state tourism agencies/organizations are starting to promote bicycling as a part of their economic development strategies. See Promotion and Building Bicycle Tourism for more information.

  • Path Less Pedaled works with tourism, communities, businesses, and others to provide storytelling tools to inspire bicycle travel. 
  • Ride Oregon Ride is a Travel Oregon website that promotes bicycle tourism and travel in Oregon. 
  • Pedal Minnesota promotes bicycle tourism in Minnesota and is a collaboration between tourism, transportation, health, natural resources, bicycle advocacy, parks and trails, and the National Park Service.
  • Michigan's state tourism and transportation agencies provide comprehensive and accessible U.S. Bicycle Routes in Michigan information on their websites.


Promotional Events

  • Missouri hosted two grand opening celebrations for USBR 76 in 2014, in Farmington and Springfield. Scroll to the end of this blog post for the story about Farmington's grand opening
  • Anacortes and Colville hosted ribbon cutting events for the grand opening of USBR 10 in Washington State in 2014. 
  • Traverse City, Michigan hosted a ribbon cutting event for the grand opening of USBR 35 in 2012.
  • Washington Bikes promoted USBR 10 designation through an Inaugural Ride, which was shared through blog posts and social media. 
  • Tennessee promoted USBR 23 designation through an Inaugural Ride organized by a local bicycle club.

Traditional Media

Adventure Cycling and AASHTO announce new USBR designations by issuing a joint national press release. States are encouraged to issue press releases at the state and local level as well. 

Past press releases announcing new USBRS designations:

Videos are a great way to get out the word about your designated route. See examples below of video and news stories: 

Social media

Connect with Adventure Cycling on social media to cross-promote content about new U.S. Bicycle Routes.