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If you're interested in riding a U.S. Bicycle Route, you've come to the right place!

U.S. Bicycle Routes (USBRs) are being developed across the country, and Adventure Cycling provides a central source for information and resources about established USBRs. Start by learning more about the U.S. Bicycle Route System on the FAQs for Cyclists page, check out the USBRS Interactive Map for routing information, and plan your trip with Maps & Route Resources

Why Ride the USBRS?

I support the US Bicycle Route System and Adventure Cycling because they promote universal cycling, and are doing the things needed to make cycling safer and more accessible, so that everyone, no matter who they are or where they are, can experience the fun and the joy of cycling.  ~ Cindy Homan, Chicago, IL

We are very excited that the Robert McClory Bike Path has been designated on the U.S Bicycle Route System as USBR 37 and very supportive of the plan to connect to other existing and planned U.S. Bike Routes to create the Lake Michigan Loop Trail. The beauty of the Great Lakes region is well worth exploring on two wheels! ~ Paula Trigg, Director of Transportation, Lake County Illinois

In 2010 a friend and I rode the TransAmerica Bike Route (USBR 76) from Virginia to Oregon and were particularly impressed with the route through Virginia. The frequent USBR 76 signs along the route let motorists know that bicycles would be on the road (making the ride safer) and helped us stay on the route. This is why the USBRS is important to me. ~ Bruce Wynkoop, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Building the U.S. Bike Route System