USBRS on OpenStreetMap

Open Cycle Map

Thanks to OpenStreetMap, all U.S. Bicycle Routes are shown in the open-source, wiki-based OpenCycleMap layer. The map displays all designated USBRs, as well as other established bicycle routes across the country. 

To download GPS tracks of U.S. Bicycle Routes, visit USBRS Maps and Route Resources

Map Abbreviation Key

Adventure Cycling Routes

GDMBR=Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
TA=Transamerica Trail
UGR=Underground Railroad

Adventure Cycling’s Pacific Coast Route is shown in blue and labeled 95 (USBR number) but not labeled as the Pacific Coast Route.

Other Routes

ECG=East Coast Greenway
KT=Katy Trail
MRT=Mississippi River Trail

Route and Symbol Key

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The map can be viewed at various zoom levels, and the information displayed varies by each zoom level. Lower zoom levels allow you to get an overview of national cycling networks, and higher zoom levels provide greater route detail for planning your trip.