Watch the Eclipse from Your Bicycle

Mar 15th, 2024

An estimated about 21 million people traveled to another city to view the eclipse of 2017. Why compete with the crowds this year? Bike camping is the perfect way to witness the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024: No need to worry about stop and go traffic, impossible airfares, and fully-booked hotels. The path of totality crosses a dozen Adventure Cycling Association bicycle routes. Our maps recommend convenient camping, lodging, and bicycle shops along the way.

Is this your first bike camping trip? We has all the information you need to get started with bike touring or bikepacking, including how to plan your itinerary, what you’ll need, and what to do if you have any problems along the way.

Below is a list of the routes in the path of totality, nearby cities and towns, and the time of totality at those towns.

the path of the eclipse on top of a map of Adventure Cycling routes

Southern Tier

Stretch from the Amistad National Recreational Area, TX (totality 1:28 pm), on Section 3 to Austin, TX (totality 1:36 pm), on Section 4

Texas Hill Country Loop

The entire loop except the portion from Southeast Austin, TX (totality 1:36 pm), to New Braunfels, TX (totality 1:35 pm)

Arkansas High Country Loop

The entire South Loop on Section 1 with Little Rock, AR as an anchor city (totality 1:51 pm)

The entire Central Loop on Section 2 with Conway, AR (totality 1:51 pm) or Russellville, AR (totality 1:50 pm) as an anchor cities

Great Rivers South

Stretch from Park Hills, MO (totality 1:58 pm) on Section 1 to Smithland, KY (totality 2:01 pm), on Section 2

TransAmerica Trail

Stretch from Summersville, MO (totality 1:56 pm) on Section 9 to Marion, KY on Section 10 (totality 2:02 pm)

Underground Railroad

  • Stretch from Smithland, KY (totality 2:01 pm), on Section 2 to just west of Owensboro, KY (totality 2:03 pm), on Section 2
  • Stretch from Xenia, OH (totality 3:11 pm), on Section 4 to London, OH (totality 3:12 pm), on Section 4
  • Stretch from Worthington, OH (totality 3:12 pm), on Section 4 to Mt. Vernon, OH (totality 3:13 pm), on Section 4
  • Stretch from Holmesville, OH (totality 3:14 pm), on Section 4 to Hamilton, Ontario (totality 3:09 pm), on Section 5
  • Stretch from Everett, OH (totality 3:14 pm), on Detroit Alternate Section 1 to Toledo, OH (totality 3:13 pm), on Detroit Alternate Section 1

Eastern Express Connector

Stretch going from Effingham, IL (totality 2:03 pm) on Section 2 to Indianapolis, IN (totality 3:18 pm) on Section 2

Northern Tier

Stretch between Zanesville, IN (totality 3:09 pm) on Section 8 and just west of Ticonderoga, NY (totality 3:26 pm) on Section 10

Chicago to New York City

Stretch between north of Tipton, IN (totality 3:07 pm) on Section 1 and London, OH (totality 3:12 pm) on Section 2. Also includes most of Indianapolis Cutoff on Section 1.

Lake Erie Connector

  • Stretch of the Main Route between Ridgetown, Ontario (totality 3:15 pm) and Fort Erie, Ontario (totality 3:18 pm)
  • Stretch of the Ferry Alternate A from Tilbury, Ontario (totality 3:15 pm) to Wheatley, Ontario (totality 3:14 pm)
  • Entire Ferry Alternate B (Wheatly, Ontario to Morpeth, Ontario)
  • Entire Ferry Alternate C (Wheatley, Ontario to Huron, OH)

Adirondack Park Loop

  • Stretch of the Main Route from just north of Speculator, NY (totality 3:35 pm), to just north of Ticonderoga, NY (totality 3:26 pm)
  • Entire Burlington Ferry Spur: Burlington, VT, to Port Henry, NY (totality for both 3:26 pm)

Green Mountains Loop

Main Route from just north of Ticonderoga, NY, clockwise to St. Johnsbury, VT (totality 3:28 pm)

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