Self Contained Tours

Self-contained camping tours have been an Adventure Cycling tradition for over 40 years. To many cyclists, this style of travel is the ultimate way to travel. Relying on your own power, cooking your own meals, and carrying your “home” with you — it’s a sense of freedom that must be experienced to be understood.

An Adventure Cycling leader accompanies each group of up to 14 riders traveling between 40 and 70 miles per day. Schedules typically include a rest day every seven to 10 days. Riders share cooking duties and camp for the vast majority of overnight stays.

“The extra day in Martha’s Vineyard was a real treat. We had plenty of time to explore the highlights of the island at a leisurely pace. Our free morning in Provincetown gave us time to visit the beach and watch the humpback whales breaching about one mile offshore … a definite highlight of the trip.”

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Photos by Tom Robertson | Steve Powell