Self Contained Tours

Self-contained camping tours have been an Adventure Cycling tradition for forty years. To many cyclists, this style of travel is the ultimate. Depending on your own power, cooking your own meals, carrying your “home” with you—it’s a sense of freedom that must be experienced to be understood.

An Adventure Cycling leader accompanies each group of up to fourteen riders traveling between forty and seventy miles per day. Our shorter self-contained trips have fixed itineraries, but on our longer self-contained trips, only the starting and ending dates are fixed, so groups can adapt daily riding distances to the weather, terrain, and attractions along the way. The leader,  with the group’s input, plans each day’s adventure. Schedules typically include a rest day every seven to ten days. Riders share cooking duties and camp for the vast majority of overnights; on longer tours, roughly one indoor night per ten riding days is budgeted.

Click here for more details on meals, lodging, and mechanical support with our self-contained tours.

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Photo by Chuck Haney

Tours Team Picks

Ragin' Cajun Country
Ragin' Cajun Country

Fully Supported. Bicycle through the heart of Cajun Country and partake of all the food, music, and culture that Acadiana has to offer.

Utah San Rafael Swell I
Utah San Rafael Swell I

Van Supported. Thousands of mountain bikers zip past and scarcely notice the San Rafael Swell as they drive south toward Green River. Little do they know what an amazing abundance of riding lies hidden in that rugged expanse of country. Discover it yourself and let the van haul the gear and the water!

Route 66: Epic Eastward
Route 66: The Mother Road Eastward

Self Contained. Originally stitched together from wagon tracks, farm roads, and primitive auto trails, the highway that came to be known as the Main Street of America traverses history and a vast array of landscapes and people. This spring, we'll ride from Santa Monica to Chicago on this special tour.