Educational Tours

Introduction to Road Touring

Many cyclists dream of traveling on a self-supported bicycle tour, but lack the experience and know-how to strike out on a bicycle adventure. Here’s the course for you.

Instruction is structured to teach the beginning cycle tourist the basics of traveling by bicycle with two days of outdoor instruction, after which we’ll hit the road on a four-day, self-contained camping tour. You’ll learn the basics of bicycle travel including what to bring, how to pack a loaded bike, cooking techniques, and emergency communication. Then you get a chance to apply your newly acquired knowledge on a mini-tour through the countryside of a location you choose: Oregon, Virginia, Florida, Texas. You’ll complete the course with an increased confidence in your traveling abilities and an enhanced knowledge of the benefits of traveling by bicycle.

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Introduction to Dirt Touring

Thought about getting back into the mountains or woods on two wheels? These tours will teach you how to mountain bike tour self-supported. We’ll spend the first two days with hands-on instruction, dealing with equipment, packing, navigation, safety, and cooking in the wild. Then you’ll put these skills to the test on a four-day adventure on backcountry dirt roads in Maine or Montana.

On this mini-expedition you learn and practice how to negotiate loose dirt, gravel, sticks, rocks, and dirt road passes. You’ll also learn how to travel lightly and responsibly through remote areas and apply all that you have learned to the practice of traveling on a loaded mountain bike. Come join the ranks of bikepackers. It will open up a whole new world of cycling adventures in some of North America’s most spectacular areas.

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Leadership Training Course

Our tour leaders begin their Adventure Cycling experience with these four-day courses, although many people attend the course for their own reasons—to start leading tours on their own, to hone their leadership skills, or to get more background for helping out with local cycling events. Whatever the reason, the Leadership Training courses are open to all cyclists.

These four-day courses cover a lot of ground. There are demonstrations of group equipment, role-playing based upon actual tour situations, and technique rides. The most important elements of the course, however, are the lecturers and discussions about the philosophies of leading self-supported bicycle tours. Topics include: managing group dynamics, facilitating conflict resolution, the many aspects of motivating participants, and demonstrating good public relations while on the road. Instructors and advisors for the courses are Adventure Cycling’s most accomplished leaders. They have learned the ins and outs of tour leadership firsthand and are ready to address any questions you might have. 

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May 2016
Leadership Training, IN | May 30-Jun 02 | $559.00
June 2016
Leadership Training, MT I | Jun 16-19 | $559.00
July 2016
Women's IRT, OR | Jul 17-22 | $629.00
Intro to Dirt Touring - MT | Jul 19-24 | $629.00
Intro to Road Touring, OR | Jul 24-29 | $629.00 | JOIN WAITLIST
October 2016
Leadership Training, MT II | Oct 06-09 | $559.00

Photo by Greg Siple