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Someday, I’m going for it — the big one, the moon shot. People will talk about me when I’m not around. Hardship and ecstasy will leave their marks on me forever. We’re talking about a 21- to 93-day, self-contained or van-supported adventure, an Adventure Cycling Epic Tour. Since 1976, we’ve made people’s dreams a reality. A small team with a qualified leader, shared gear, and one goal can make dreams come true. This is your year to grab your bike and GO on an epic adventure that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

“I enjoyed the physical challenge of being in the mountains with the reward of beautiful nature — mountains, waterfalls, farmland, geysers. Some of the most lovely spots took a lot of effort to get to, climbing hills. It was quite a personal journey. I feel both fortunate to have had the opportunity and proud of making it through.” — Tour Participant

“Truly there is nothing about this tour that I did not love. As cliche as this sounds, it was the best experience of my life and truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our leader was the best leader in the history of great leaders. The camaraderie in the group was spectacular, and of course the scenery was incredible. Anyone I talk to about the TransAmerica will receive a hearty, “Just do it!”’ — Tour Participant

Photo by Dennis Coello

Southern Tier
Mar 03, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019
Southern Tier - Van

Van Supported. The Southern Tier has become one of our most popular tours, and it’s easy to see why. This cross-country route is 1,200 miles shorter than either the Northern Tier or TransAm yet offers epic quantities of scenery and shoulder-season sunshine.

Atlantic Coast
Apr 07, 2019 - Jun 08, 2019
Atlantic Coast - Van

Van Supported. This van-supported grand tour of the Atlantic Coast leads past battlefields, our country’s earliest European settlements, and a handful of major cities. So much more than a 63-day, 2,864-mile bike tour up the Eastern Seaboard — this tour is a history lesson on the go, where the past comes to life in dynamic ways.

TransAm Westward
May 05, 2019 - Aug 05, 2019
TransAm Westward

Self Contained. Thousands of cyclists have pedaled the 4,253-mile TransAmerica Trail and will tell you they captured a lifetime’s worth of memories along their tour. For many traveling cyclists who haven’t yet experienced the TransAm, it remains the holy grail of American bicycle tours.

TransAm Express Westward
May 11, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019
TransAm Express Westward - Van

Van Supported. This take on a classic route should entice people who love riding trail systems. By riding the entirety of the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Trail in the east and Katy Trail in the Midwest before meeting up with the famed TransAm Trail, this will have over 500 miles of bicycle paths, and should be an experience of a lifetime for anyone looking for a transcontinental Ride.

Northern Tier Westward
Jun 15, 2019 - Sep 09, 2019
Northern Tier Westward - Van

Van Supported. The Northern Tier has been the location for great bike adventures for a quarter of a century, following a wonderfully diverse cross-section of the North American continent. Between Bar Harbor, Maine, and Anacortes, Washington, lie places of extremes for you to discover.

Great Parks North
Jun 22, 2019 - Jul 11, 2019
Great Parks North

Self-Contained. Join us for Adventure Cycling’s Great Parks North Route. This tour will follow the Rocky Mountains from Missoula, Montana, to Jasper, Alberta, exploring some the most spectacular national parks the U.S. and Canada has to offer. Great Parks North will highlight Glacier NP, Waterton NP, Banff NP, and Jasper NP, and jaw-dropping scenery will not be lacking on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Epic Great Divide
Jul 14, 2019 - Sep 16, 2019
Epic Great Divide - Van

Van Supported. It won’t take long to realize that “The Divide” simply isn’t enough — this trip’s greatness is on display from the first pedal stroke. Grab your knobbies (yeah, you’re gonna want some bigger tires for this one!), throw your gear in the support van, and prepare for nine unloaded weeks of day after day of epic riding and even better views. 

Pacific Coast
Sep 14, 2019 - Oct 24, 2019
Pacific Coast - Van

Van Supported. We’ll experience some of the finest terrain and tour some of the coolest cities in the world! From our border with Canada, we’ll head south through the lush forests of western Washington before following the Columbia River to the Oregon coast, where we’ll encounter some of the nicest state parks in the country. 

Southern Tier
Sep 15, 2019 - Nov 19, 2019
Southern Tier

Self Contained. The Southern Tier has become one of our most popular tours, and it’s easy to see why. This cross-country route is 1,200 miles shorter than either the Northern Tier or TransAm yet offers epic quantities of scenery and shoulder-season sunshine.


Tour Team Top Picks

Cycle Montana - Missoula
Cycle Montana - Missoula

Fully Supported. Beginning in Adventure Cycling’s hometown of Missoula, we’ll cross the Continental Divide more than once as we ride along many of the rivers that run through Western Montana and visit small towns, soak in few hot springs, and take in massive views under the Big Sky! 

Great Divide Canada I
Great Divide Canada I

Self Contained. The world’s longest mountain bike route turned 20 last year — and you can join the party. Ride the Great Divide’s spectacular Canadian section and see why Outside magazine called it one of “The Best Backcountry Adventure Trips in America.”

C&O Canal/GAP - Spring
C&O Canal/GAP - Spring

Self Contained. This spring, you won’t need to worry about traffic as you ride your hybrid or mountain bike some 330 miles on hard-packed, gently graded gravel and dirt trails from the heart of the nation’s capital north to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.