Become a Tour Leader

We are always searching for energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced tour leaders and staff for all of our tour offerings — leaders who share our philosophy of the leader as a facilitator and see our tours as an opportunity for participant self-discovery. Prospective leaders should have relevant experience such as group recreation leadership, independent travel, group bicycle touring experience, and/or participation in an Adventure Cycling tour. Do you have what it takes to become one of our expert tour leaders? Check out our current tour leaders here.

Prospective Leaders interested in leading for Adventure Cycling should read the information below and complete the following steps. Please note: our positions for the 2024 season have been filled, but you can still apply for future leadership opportunities in 2025. Priority for the 2025 season will be given to applications submitted by September 30, 2024.

Step 1: Learn about the job

Many describe leading for Adventure Cycling to be some of the best travel experiences of their life. Our leaders are passionate and dedicated to the mission of Adventure Cycling, which makes leading for us much more than just a job. We’re looking for leaders who want to share their passion with others.

There are many aspects to being an Adventure Cycling leader, from pre-trip work, on-tour experience, and post-trip tasks. Occasionally, there are other duties which our leaders complete as well. You can find out a bit more about the job through our job description, but it is impossible to write down everything a leader does.

Step 2: Apply

  1. Compile your application. A complete application will consist of a completed questionnaire, cover letter, and resume.
  2. Complete our Online Questionnaire which has some basic questions to get to know you more and your leadership style. You can find the questionnaire here on the Submittable page.
  3. Upload your Cover Letter and Resume. You’ll find space to be able to upload these documents at the end of the questionnaire.

The Online Questionnaire and Cover Letter/Resume submission is available through Submittable. If you do not already have one, you will need to create a Submittable account. Our hiring team will review all completed applications in search of great candidates to invite to the next step.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Priority for the 2025 season will be given to applications submitted by September 30, 2024. 

Step 3: Additional Information and Interview

If the hiring team chooses to move your application forward, we’ll send you some additional information, including specific tours you would be offered and information on compensation and benefits. Along with that information, we’ll schedule a video interview with you to give the opportunity to share your passion of bike travel with us, and for our team to get to know you a bit better. During it, we’ll confirm your potential availability for the 2025 tour season and give you a sampling of tours you may be assigned to if you get hired.

A group of finalists will be selected from the interviews and invited to the next step. By moving on to step 4 you’ll commit to joining us at our Leadership Development Program, and you’ll have an idea on your tour assignments for 2025 contingent on successful completion of the program.

Step 4: Leadership Development Program

Our Leadership Development Program will train our new leaders in the ways Adventure Cycling runs our guided tours. This hands-on week-long experience will teach you the ins and outs of leadership, from behind the scenes work that takes place before and after a tour to managing a group on the road. A group of our seasoned Tour Leaders will be on hand to show you the ropes.

Successful completion of this program is required in order to qualify to lead for Adventure Cycling. Travel to/from the program is at your expense, but all food and lodging costs are paid for by Adventure Cycling for the duration of the program. The development program is run like a tour, so you’ll be expected to come with a bike, camping gear, and all the other equipment for a self contained tour.

Exact dates and location will be posted here or discussed during the application process.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Tour Leader. Our leader selection process is very competitive, and we have a limited number of new leaders each year. If you have any questions, please reach out to