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Baker City, OR - Missoula, MT (419.0 miles)
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June 2018

Just east of Baker City, Oregon, Section 3 of the TransAm crosses the famous Oregon Trail, the route of the westward pioneers in the 1800s. Eastern Oregon is dry and can generate high summer temperatures so carrying extra water is important. The route crosses the Snake River into Idaho and follows several major rivers, including the Salmon and the Clearwater. You'll climb and descend from one drainage to the next. The White Bird Battlefield of the Nez Perce National Historic Park is along the route. There is a beautiful ride along the scenic Lochsa River before climbing Lolo Pass into Montana. The route crosses paths with the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail here. It ends in Missoula, Montana, home of Adventure Cycling Association - stop in and visit us!

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TransAmerica Trail Map and Addenda, Section 3


Reviewed By: G.Rae Van Sluys on 6/30/16

Unsurpassed! Appreciate the insert w/recent news of changes in accommodations (campgrounds and other lodging).

transAmerica Section #


Reviewed By: Greg Thatcher on 4/12/10

I bought it as a "test" I had no idea how much inforamation may or not be in the map. I was really impressed. I am contemplating a trip when I retire, on my own on the transAmerica. I am hitting some (resistance) which I imagine everyone gets. But when I was 18 I thought it would be the biggest adventure ever. However, in 1968 I knew that an 18 year old on his own crossing the country on a bike would be trouble. Great map!!

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