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When you become a Member Shop with Adventure Cycling Association, you will be connected to the members of the largest recreational cycling association in the United States.

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Adventure Cycling is an extension of what we do, but on a greater scale with awesome routes and support that our customers have come to love being a part of. We have several customers who have gone to Alaska more than once and ridden across the country on ten-day and fourteen-day rides. The more they ride their bikes, the more they come to our shop. As a bicycle retailer, that is what we want. — Santos Trailhead Bicycle Shop, Inc., 6-year member

Our members are not just cyclists but some of the most dedicated and active users of two-wheeled transportation in America. 

  • 99% of our members road bikes, 59% commute by bike, and 60% ride on dirt.
  • Over 91% of our members do their cycling related shopping at their local bike shop.
  • 82% of our members own 3 or more bicycles.

Bike shop membership includes:

  • An annual subscription to Adventure Cyclist magazine.
  • Wholesale pricing on all Adventure Cycling Route Network maps with over  miles of bicycle routes.*
  • A 25% discount on display ads placed in Adventure Cyclist magazine.
  • BikE-news email, full of helpful tips, information and ideas to pass on to your staff and customers.
  • Access to our database of over 200,000 cyclists for promotional mailings in your area.
  • A specially designed shop display filled with bicycle-travel materials to share with your customers.
  • Save 10% on custom cycling apparel orders with Primal and a 5% discount on all purchases at
  • Tax benefits — Adventure Cycling is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Each payment of membership dues, over $16 per year, is tax-deductible. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Support for cycling in America. Your membership helps us to create more bicycle routes and to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle.
  • Listing on our Member Shops Map including contact information, social media and website links, and a description of products and services offered to travelling bicyclists.

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*To qualify for the special map pricing, you must be a bicycle shop, selling or repairing bicycles as your primary business.

Photo by Greg Siple