TransAm Map Set GPX Data

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Astoria, OR - Yorktown, VA (4,204.9 miles)
Product Code
Adventure Cycling Association
Current File Version
Jun 6, 2023

These GPX Data products cannot be used with the Bicycle Route Navigator App! Unless you plan to use a standalone GPS device, we highly recommend purchasing route sections WITHIN the Bicycle Route Navigator app.

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GPX Data products consist of track and service waypoint files in gpx (GPS Exchange Format) file format to be used on a GPS device, smartphone, or tablet. These products are suggested as a companion product to the printed Adventure Cycling Route maps and feature the same services listed on the physical maps. More information about GPX Data for Devices can be found here.

The route that made cross-country cycling famous (Outside magazine calls the TransAm the "ultimate bicycle tour"). Ride through the history of the nation - colonial Virginia, plantations, Civil War battlefields, Lincoln's birthplace, and along the Oregon Trail.

More information about this route is available here.

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**NOTE: Occasionally, the GPX data you purchase will be newer than the paper map currently being sold. They may still be used together. See the Tracks and Service Points FAQs for more information.**

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Average rating: based on 3 reviews.

They work but I have some suggestions


Reviewed By: Rolf Riley on 1/3/18

These are exactly as described and delivery process was flawless. I combined the route file and poi file in ride with gps. It’s much easier that way on the bike in my opinion, maybe and the combined files as an add on to this package? Also one really cool thing would be to have every city park on the route added to the poi file as ‘ city park’ as these are great free bivvy sites mostly. Recommended for those not keen on the paper map weight, although paper maps don’t come with added technology learning curves and fails of garmin and smartphone devices lol!

Great GPX files


Reviewed By: John Middelberg on 11/11/16

This summer will be my second trip. I love your GPX files. They are great and very accurate. Never lost my way.

Highly recommended.


Reviewed By: Richard on 6/8/16

I downloaded this package as a Zip file to my Mac easily and instantly. A master folder uncompressed with the 12 sections contained as sub folders. Each subfolder has a portion of the route in both Eastbound and Westbound file versions, with any extra bits (alternate route sections etc.) contained as a separate file. The services for the route are also provided as a separate file for each section. So far I have only uploaded the set to Google Maps where the 'track' files appear as a clear blue line. The services appear as waypoints named by abbreviations (CG = Campground for example) and brief contact details / directions. In .gpx form (I suggest uploading these to a website called 'GPSVisualizer' - it can show pretty elevations of the individual sections on the 'profile' page), the services have a colourful icon set - Google alas does not translate this for whatever reason and represents them as standard flagpoints. I'd absolutely recommend this set, it has already proved invaluable for me in planning this trip even though I don't have a dedicated GPS device. I also now understand when people say that these are intended as a complement to the physical maps, not a replacement - my expectation is that you'd still need the real maps out in the field. A few extras I would have liked: 1. for Google to represent the true service icons, rather than translate them into universal Google flags, 2. if the turn by turn details and info on the section, that the physical maps have, were included as a separate text-only file, 3. if the whole route was included as an additional file, this would be great to view an overall elevation easily for example, 4. if it would be possible to have a digital addendum to update the maps based on the latest information - that would be quite cool and save the maps becoming outdated. Maybe, rather than buying static files, you'd buy access to a private webpage that hosted downloads for the latest versions? It is a brave new world and props to ACA for staying on the cutting edge.

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