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Wind Blox
$17.95 - $18.95

Designed to block up to 80% of wind noise while riding your bike (ACA's opinion is product blocks +/- up to 50% of wind noise). Unlike ear plugs and headphones, Wind-Blox only blocks the wind noise, allowing you to hear approaching traffic, nature and fellow cyclists. Black. Sold as a pair. Two sizes: 

  • Wind Blox Pro L - 2cm. x 10cm
  • Wind Blox Pro XL - 3cm x 11cm

Please note, product is not elligible for return if it has been used. 


Average rating: based on 20 reviews.

Almost completely ineffective


Reviewed By: Doug on 4/29/21

Easy to install, but hard to maintain the apparent "correct" position. Even in the correct position the effect is barely noticeable. It was a waste of time and money

does not work


Reviewed By: Richard Bartoletti on 4/23/21

complete waste of money, no difference in noise level, at all.Don't purchase these.

Pressure Blocks


Reviewed By: Alicia on 4/8/21

I have some Cat Ears that look a little silly, so I was looking for something a little more streamlined. Unfortunately these were too long and too stiff to be comfortable. I trimmed the length first, but that didn’t help the overall pressure against my jaw and temples while wearing glasses. I couldn’t tolerate them through one ride, and they went in the trash.

Too long for most helmets


Reviewed By: Ted B on 3/4/21

I have a large head, but with properly positioned helmet straps these were too long for me (and I suspect most others). Wind Blox makes a "Classic" version that is about 1/2 as long and would work much better. Before ordering, measure the distance along the front strap between the bottom edge of the helmet and where it joins the back strap. If it's not more than 10 cm/4 inches, these won't work for you.

Not impressed


Reviewed By: Kim Stanley on 12/31/20

Didn't find much of a difference in wind noise reduction and the one on the left partially obstructs my view when using my "Look" rear view mirror.

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