Arkel Small Handlebar Bag


One of the most unique and comprehensive handlebar bags available. A smaller version of Arkel's Big Bar Bag this model also includes an adjustable, aluminum mounting bracket (no plastic parts to break), removable inner liner, removable waterproof map case, shoulder strap, and a storage pocket for the carrying strap. Note: Not recommended for carbon handlebars



Height: 7.5"/ 22cm

Width: 8.5"/ 19cm

Depth: 8"/ 20cm

Volume: 7.5l

Weight: 2.1lbs/ .95kg

Color: Black

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Pricey, But the Best on the Market


Reviewed By: D. Preston on 3/23/17

I got the small bag, and it's perfect for day tripping. I especially like the solid, well-made mounting system - no plastic to break. The fabric and zippers are first-rate. I evaluated many handlebar bags, the Arkel was the most expensive, but well worth it. Finally, it's easy to move it from one bike to another.

Great Bag with improvement suggestion


Reviewed By: Mr Bee on 9/19/16

This is solid design and has features most cyclist would like. A slight improvement suggestion: While at speed, and unzipped, the cover will rise. A small piece of Velcro would help to keep it closed. I like to ride with it open, as I dig in for food during a ride.

Arkel Small Handlebar Bag


Reviewed By: A customer from Palmer, Alaska on 5/4/12

This is a great little bag. The mount is sturdy. The zipper is quality. It opens AWAY from you, so you can actually get into it while riding. (I don't know why most bags open in the other direction. It doesn't make sense.) It has enough separate compartments, without being too many. I keep a sil-nylon tarp and a first aid kit in the small front compartment, GUs and food bars in the side netting, and everything else in the main compartment. I also have a large Arkel bar bag. If I could only have one or the other, I'd have the large. But this small one is a good size for just riding around town. It will hold extra gloves, a rain jacket, glasses and lunch.

Your Specification Measurements


Reviewed By: A customer from San Diego on 12/1/11

Just for the record: The width, 8.5 inches is not 19 cm. Try 21.5 cm

A Perfect size


Reviewed By: D. Greg Nelson on 5/19/11

The bag delivers fully on all of its promises: Its well designed, sturdy, and has a wonderful mounting system. Its a great product and a "Must consider" before buying the MUCH larger size which is just too bulky for many riders. This size fits a my touring (Self contained camping) needs perfectly. Should I be critical?... OK the "shoulder strap" does not fold into the bag nicely for storage at all and if I am expected to "unclip" it everytime a more sturdy and functional clip should be privided. They have a video on you-tube demontrating the storage process, but it doesnt allow full access to the bag zippers especially while reiding. Plus, the fact that it requires a "Video" should tell you something. In a bag this expensive a better design on the "shoulder strap" is imperative for 5 stars. Also a small strap with a clip sewn into the front pocket for "keys" would have been a nice thought

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