StemCAPtain Stem Cap Products

$13.50 - $24.95

StemCAPtains are an accessory for your bike that replaces your stem cap with a clock, thermometer, compass, or picture frame. Simply unscrew your existing current 1in or 1 1/8in threadless headset stem cap, pop in the CAPtain, and it’s Time to Ride!

NOTE: Steel frames or components and electronics mounted near the compass may cause magnetic interference.



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Reviewed By: John S on 4/12/21

Bought it knowing I have the wrong type (older style) stem, but was able to attach it to a bracket attached to the headset. It's lower than the bars but looks good & reports the temperature well.

Works great


Reviewed By: Jutta Sleezer on 4/2/21

I like the thermometer. I looks nice and so far has been reading the temps accurately.



Reviewed By: Michael Seeber on 3/6/21

It was nice, and worked well until I looked down one day, and it was gone. The thermometer popped out of it’s casing and is who-knows-where. The housing is still firmly attached though.

Stem compass


Reviewed By: Dave Erickson on 8/27/20

Worked really well for me. Greatly improved over earlier version

Stemcaptain thermometer


Reviewed By: David Johnson on 1/10/19

The mounting instructions were a bit unclear. I thought I needed a separate mounting piece for it to work, which it turned out I did not need. It is winter and the bike is in my basement so I don't know how well it works on the road, but so far it reads my basement temp accurately.

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