Adventure Cycling Association Ball Cap

Adventure Cycling Association

Cover up that helmet hair when you're off the bike and look great, too! These sporty caps are made from 100% washed cotton, with a cinch strap closure on the back.

Color: Navy, Orange, Sand. Cotton

Sizing: One size fits most


Average rating: based on 13 reviews.

Nice ACA hat, though softer hats are out there...


Reviewed By: Howard Maher on 10/17/20

I love promoting Adventure Cycling and this hat does it well for me... I even sneak it under my helmet some days to give myself a nice sunshade... Under Armour makes the softest hat I've come by in this same style, and so I alternate between their hat and my ACA hat...

The Only Hat I Wear


Reviewed By: Frank Moritz on 8/12/20

The ACA logo caps that I earned as a tour leader were getting a little grungy, so naturally I had to get one of these. It fits great, and I'm proud to display my affiliation with the world's greatest cycling organization.

Great my Fav!


Reviewed By: Jack Lawless on 3/7/20

Fits well. Helmet comes off, ACA hat goes on. Proud to wear it.

Great hat


Reviewed By: Randy Alletag on 2/26/20

Very comfortable and well made.

Just slightly missed the bull's-eye


Reviewed By: Rick Putnam on 10/18/19

The dome needs to have a little more room in it. I put the hat on when I take my helmet off to protect my bald head from the sun. The hat clings to my head, so it doesn't help to cool me off. Somewhere, somebody-- I don't know-- Tommy What's-His-Name, decided that the 1935 Babe Ruth little dome hat would be the "style" for the next few years. And we all know how important style is over function. It's a shame, though, because it's more utile than the trucker style hat. You can stuff it into your daypack and not worry about its losing its shape. A couple of square inches more would do the trick, but sorry; that ain't what's in style.

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