Jones Bikes Loop H-Bar 710mm S.G. Aluminum

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The new Jones SG Loop H-Bar uses the same great design as the standard Loop H-Bar, but now available at a lower price by using straight-gauge aluminum tubing in place of the custom-butted tubing on the standard Loop. The result, a H-Bar that is strong and comfortable as ever, weighs 100g more than the standard version but costs $30 less. Jones H-Bars make a great upgrade from a traditional flat or riser (mtb style) or a drop bar, and offer a wide range of comfortable, useful, and unique hand positions that allow you to change your body position while riding.  This allows you to ride longer, more comfortably, and with greater control!  The Jones H-Bars have 45 degrees of sweep to put your wrists in a natural position, and are designed to be used with longer grips which fill the entire grip area, thereby giving access to the full range of hand positions that make the H-Bars so special.  Please refer to the H-Bar Manual for more information on fit, setup, and installation. Black. 710mm width.

All Jones H-Bars have:
  • 45 degrees of sweep for ergonomic hand positions.
  • 31.8mm stem clamp area.
  • 22.2mm grip area (to fit standard flat bar/mtb style controls.
  • 710mm H-Bars have cutting guides to trim grip area down to original 660mm width for riders who need to have narrower bars.
For proper instalation and comfort please view H-Bar Manuel, we also recommend that the H-Bars be purchased with a set of grips because the grips are key to getting the most out of the H-Bars. Recommended grips can be found here: Kraton H-Grips

**NOTE: Brake, shifters and bar grips shown in pictures are not included with purchase, just handlebar**

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Average rating: based on 5 reviews.

Swapped this onto my REI ADV 3.2


Reviewed By: Chuckus Amongus on 8/26/20

I bought a touring bike with factory installed bar end shifters and could not get used to having to go to the drops every time to shift. After reading about different options, I decided on this Jones bar and bought it here. I had to change out my brakes and shifters also. After some tweeking, I got the set up working great. Love riding now with the Jones Bar. I haven't done any touring with the set up yet, however, riding in a more up right position works great for me.



Reviewed By: Stephan Ruiz on 3/26/20

Super duper

Stack and Reach Dialed


Reviewed By: David Cavanaugh on 9/6/19

The Jones H-Loop SG 2.5" bar solved the reach / stack issues I was experiencing on my Surly Wednesday. In fact, I swapped out the stock "quarterstaff" for a set of Molokos, which improved the position, but it was still a bit off. While I shouldn't be too surprised, the Jones bars have transformed the riding position -- I sit the bike perfectly.



Reviewed By: Karan on 6/30/19


A Stable. Practical Handelbar


Reviewed By: phil hansen on 10/13/18

Lots of places to attach things.

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