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St. George, UT - St. George, UT (286.2 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Due to limited resources, the paper map version of this route section has been discontinued and will no longer be available once sold out. This route section is still available digitally. More info here: Going Digital: App or GPX.

From St. George heading clockwise, the Utah Cliffs Loop Bicycle Route goes north to Snow Canyon State Park and then heads for historic Pine Valley, nestled in a bucolic basin in the Pine Valley Mountains. From Cedar City you will climb through the Hurricane Cliffs escarpment, high onto the Markagunt Plateau of the Dixie National Forest. At Navajo Lake, still at high elevation, you begin an unforgettable downhill run that starts out alongside the North Fork of the Virgin River - really just a creek at first - and ultimately meet SR 9 just east of Zion National Park. From Rockville, a series of backroads lead to Hurricane and finally back to St. George. Elevations on the route range from 2,500' to 10,000' above sea level. Road surfaces on the Utah Cliffs Route are approximately fifty percent dirt and gravel roads and fifty percent paved roads.

NOTE: This map is presented in a slightly different format from the others we produce. It is available as a pdf or physical copy. The physical copy is printed on standard 8 1/2" x 11" weatherproof paper with pages stapled together at the top left corner. Map panels are similar size to other maps (1/3 of page height).

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I like your side notes


Reviewed By: Gennady on 10/19/18

I’m planning to use this map for my next year venture - as in my previous experience with west coast map, I like very much notes and details provided along. Do busy there is indeed doing a very fine job of going along the route and thinking of next guy like me .. thank you

Format affects usability


Reviewed By: A customer from Toronto, CANADA on 7/9/12

Perhaps simply an error on my part but this map is printed as separate panels on 8.5x11 paper - great for planning, less so for actually use while riding

Utah Cliffs Loop-We Print


Reviewed By: A customer from OR on 5/21/12

As with all the maps, I treasure the information not just of the route, roads, trails, etc., but also the information about what to expect. I'm an older (65) fit rider so knowing what to expect -- weather, location and availability of campsites, road conditions, etc. is critical. I've broken enough bones, and hit the "not-enough-water" wall enough times to know that safety is critical. ACA maps provide all that and more.

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