Atlantic Coast Section 1 GPX Data

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Bar Harbor, ME - Windsor Locks, CT (473.2 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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Sep 18, 2020

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Bar Harbor is located on Mount Desert Island near Acadia National Park. On Mount Desert Island, you'll find some rugged hills and a considerable amount of recreational traffic in the summer months and during the fall color season. West of Freeport, the route heads inland on somewhat hilly, less-trafficked roads to avoid Portland, Maine, before looping back to the coast at Kennebunk. The route follows very quiet rural county roads from Exeter to the outskirts of Nashua, though traffic increases in and near towns. The 29-mile Boston Spur begins in Littleton, and provides access to the city center on a combination of busy thoroughfares and a the Minuteman Bikeway. The terrain of southern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and northern Connecticut is hillier. The majority of the route in Connecticut is quiet rural county roads except of the section into Windsor Locks, which has typical urban congestion. Click on enlargement for detail.

More information about this route is available here.

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Average rating: based on 3 reviews.

Reliable digital product; some issues with the route


Reviewed By: Austin Koontz on 11/1/22

The actual GPX file I received for Section 1 of the Atlantic Coast route worked well. I uploaded the file to an app on my phone (Gaia GPS) and then used my phone (held in a handlebar bag with clear plastic covering) to provide directions to me along the route as we rode (my brother had the paper map). This worked like a charm, and I will definitely be using this system in the future! I have bigger complaints about Section 1 of the Atlantic Coast Route. My biggest complaint is that the road the route uses to pass through New Hampshire (from Portsmouth, ME to Tyngsborough, MA) was not very pleasant: highly trafficked, relatively high speed limits (~50 mph), and a meager shoulder (although it was marked). I can't say whether or not this routing is inevitable, because I don't know what other options there are for getting to inland Massachusetts--but I'm curious as to why this route didn't just follow sections of the East Coast Greenway, which (on the sections we rode) was very pleasant. At the very least, the map could have included warnings about the conditions on these roads (a map I used in 2021, the Sierra Cascades route Section 3, did this).

Atlantic Coast Section 1 Digital


Reviewed By: Robert Bossart on 4/12/21

I imported the GPX into Ride-with GPS and it came in fine. Separate files included- route & waypoints easily merged into one

Atlantic Coast Section 1 Digital


Reviewed By: Robin Preston on 11/8/17

I wish I could write a review on it but unfortunately I was never able to get the map to come up. I'm sure it is a great map but I'll never know. Oh, and I won't be ordering anything else that is digital.

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