StemCAPtain Stem Cap Products

$13.50 - $24.95

StemCAPtains are an accessory for your bike that replaces your stem cap with a clock, thermometer, compass, or picture frame. Simply unscrew your existing current 1in or 1 1/8in threadless headset stem cap, pop in the CAPtain, and it’s Time to Ride!

NOTE: Steel frames or components and electronics mounted near the compass may cause magnetic interference.



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Stem compass


Reviewed By: Dave Erickson on 8/27/20

Worked really well for me. Greatly improved over earlier version

Stemcaptain thermometer


Reviewed By: David Johnson on 1/10/19

The mounting instructions were a bit unclear. I thought I needed a separate mounting piece for it to work, which it turned out I did not need. It is winter and the bike is in my basement so I don't know how well it works on the road, but so far it reads my basement temp accurately.

I expected better


Reviewed By: Fritz on 9/2/16

The mounting is secure and the whole thing sticks up past the stem pretty far, but to my mind the compass is lacking. It's a little sphere floating in a plastic ball, kind of like some car compasses. Unlike a car compass, however, the direction you're headed is on the opposite side of the ball from your seat, rather than facing you. That is, if you're headed north, you see the letter S from where you're sitting. To see the entire compass rose it's best to stand on the pedals and lean over it. I took it off after one ride.



Reviewed By: Doug Kirk on 8/1/16

North was always pointing towards me. Off the bike it was fine. I took off the computer that had the battery as suggested in another review and it didn't make a difference so it seems the problem lies with the steel frame.

Stem compass


Reviewed By: Cris jones on 7/6/16

Good idea but doesn't work if you have any asserory with a battery nearby.

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