Western Express Route Section 2

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Fallon, NV - Cedar City, UT (458.4 miles)
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October 2019

Section 2 of the Western Express Route begins in Fallon, Nevada, and heads east along U.S. Highway 50. This road was described some years ago by a Life magazine writer as "The Loneliest Road in America." You'll see occasional vehicles on the road but towns and services are spaced, in some instances a long day's ride apart. In most cases there are no homes or ranches between services. The maps note where the longest stretches without services are located. There are two 80+ mile streches without any services. This section of the Western Express Route is considered very difficult due not only to terrain, but also due to lack of water, temperature extremes, and long mileages without services. Carrying a water purifier is strongly advised for any water access outside of towns. Nevada is extremely dry and has no shade except for three trees east of Fallon that our researchers found. This section ends in Cedar City, Utah.

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Good map


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 8/15/12

It's funny...I felt this stretch was so desolate that if I ever needed a map, it would be for Nevada. But in reality, there's only one road with no turns. There's no services except for in town, and that's where you stop anyway. So it's as good of a map as it can be, but if you're only riding across Nevada then you really could be OK with out it. Just stay on 50!

Turning 50 on route 50 with 500 mile ride.


Reviewed By: A customer from buena park, CA USA on 12/10/10

Thank you for the opportunity to respond about the map. Will be using the map beginning May 19,11 from Reno, NV and camping at Fallon, Spencer Hot springs (not on map, but should be included),Eureka, Ely,..Etc..Detail is great and will be relying on it frequently. Re: Spencer hot springs, 12 miles east of Austin, 3.5 to 4 miles south on dirt road.Free camp, free soaking, clothing optional, isolated, no services

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