TransAmerica Section 1

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Astoria, OR - Coburg, OR (224.5 miles)
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April 2022

Section 1 of the TransAm takes you down the Pacific coast from Astoria, founded by two expeditions outfitted and funded by John Jacob Astor and named in his honor, through the Tillamook Valley, known worldwide for its cheese. The route then heads inland near the city of Eugene, home of the University of Oregon. A spur is shown between Florence and Eugene, for those wanting quicker access to the Pacific Ocean. Astoria and Florence are both along the Pacific Coast Route.

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Reviewed By: Fred Chamberlain on 4/13/22

I'm headed into my 7th decade and still travelling , so I've used my fair share of maps. These are as made as well as I've ever seen. Waterproof paper which is durable. CURRENT sources (as current as we keep them) with painfully detailed directions. Honestly...when I read that this was a "bi-directional" map...really? But this series of maps covers everything the cyclist will need. AAA sure doesn't do this stuff! (Get these maps if you need cycling maps.)

Keep Up the Good Work!


Reviewed By: Marty St. Germaine on 7/3/20

So I have been using these map sets in 1988. I am preparing for a trip now on a segment of the Trans-America bike trail with my new Trek 520 and wanted to get new up to date map sets for the trip. I can tell you that this high quality product has not changed at all since then. There are three segments of the map sets that I focus on (aside from the maps themselves) are - 1) The Route Elevation Profile, 2) Weather Information and 3) the Service Directory with the Service Directory being the most important for me. Without the Service Directory you really can't plan the trip at all - Lodging, Camping, Hostels, Bike Shops, Spur trails, etc., etc. !



Reviewed By: Mitchell Metzger on 9/20/19

I used all 12 maps for my Trans Am trip in 2019. I used them A LOT. All the time, always on my handlebar bag. They were water resistant, tear proof, did not bleed and 110% helpful. I loved these maps. The designers are geniuses. Thank you so much!

Great Quality


Reviewed By: Barbara Hauenstein on 4/7/19

These maps will stand up to the use and abuse. Good quality and arrived promptly. Haven't been able to take them out on the road yet.

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