Atlantic Coast Section 2 GPX Data

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Western Connecticut is rural and quite hilly. As you enter New York, the roads are generally good and signing is adequate. Expect a moderate amount of traffic which increases as you approach towns. You'll continue to encounter hills until reaching Hyde Park, in the Hudson River Valley. You'll follow this rolling valley south to busy Poughkeepsie, and cross the Hudson River on the walkway over the Hudson pedestrian bridge. The route follows river valleys and crosses the Shawnagunk Mountains to Port Jervis at New York/New Jersey border. Here, you'll begin to parallel the course of the Delaware River. Roads south of Delaware Water Gap through the remote Delaware Valley are narrow and poorly paved. You'll cross the Delaware River for the final time in Lambertville, New Jersey, which is near Trenton. The route continues west from Lambertville into Conshohocken. The New York Spur traverses rural countryside until it reaches the suburbs of eastern New Jersey where you'll encounter urban riding conditions. Click on enlargement for detail.

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