December 8, 2014

We rely on our most frequently used cycling gear to always be in its peak performance. Whether it is our shoes, clothes (shorts, jackets, jerseys), panniers, or helmets, they all get wet and can create stench and bacteria over time. We here at Cyclosource have found Stuffits to be a great solution to prolonging the use of your gear as well as keeping it smelling fresh and clean.

Stuffitts were created in 2007, by Mike Huebner, a triathlete who was frustrated by wet and stale-smelling running gear. Huebner perfected an age-old remedy for quickly drying clothes and making them smell good at the same time. Stuffitts are inserts made with moisture wicking anti-microbial fabric filled with Eastern Red Cedar chips. The fabric is treated with Microban®, an anti-microbial product that inhibits the growth of bacteria from sweat and moisture. The insert filler of red cedar chips has long been used for absorbing moisture and odors. The combination works wonders.

It’s the process of materials going from wet to dry that puts the most wear and tear on our gear. Using hot air blow dryers and even laying gear out in the sun begins the breakdown process of fabric and its performance qualities. Stuffitts are great in that they quickly wick the moisture out of fabric at normal room temperature. This process eliminates the chance for bacteria to grow, and there for eliminating the cause of those bad odors.

Stuffitts are great for after a quick ride, a full day of touring, or perhaps storing your gear for the winter. The inserts are super lightweight. For touring, with laundromats few and far between, they’re indispensable! At the end of the day, stuff your shoes. The next morning you’ll be happy to jump into nice-smelling, dry cycling shoes. During the day while riding, store the Stuffitts in your Panniers. All day your packed gear will be drying and freshening up.

Cyclosource carries Stuffitts to meet all of your cycling gear needs. We have Stuffitts for shoes, helmets, and the gear bag. The gear bag Stuffitt is just that—a cedar insert that comes with its own cinch bag. Put all of your clothing, shoes, and even your helmet in the gear bag:

Store those items there for a season or just overnight. You’ll be glad you did and your riding partners will be too. 

You can purchase Stuffitts from the Cyclosource online store or call us here at Adventure Cycling, 1-800-721-8719.

Photos by Geoff McMillion 

CYCLO NOTES is brought to you every Monday morning by Adventure Cycling's Cyclosource team — Teri, Patrick, and Geoff.


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