Bike Your Park Day Ideas

Get ideas for your Bike Your Park Day adventure!

Thank you for Giving Back Together on Bike Your Park Day, riding in parks and public lands this year! We hope you found some community, adventure, and are already dreaming about the next ride, near or far, wherever you are! Stay tuned to see what 2023 holds....

Bike Your Park Day is for anyone! Whether you’re a beginner or have some trips under your belt, eight or 80 years old, or you live in a big city or more rural community, we have resources for you to plan your ride.

Get Started

Let's look at some basics:

Find Your Park

Learn about parks and public lands near you, as well as options for overnight stays and bicycle routes:

Discover City Parks

You certainly don’t have to travel hundreds of miles for Bike Your Park Day —cities have incredible parks to visit on a bike!

  • Biking in the city: Bikeabout provides bicycle tourism information for a list of major U.S. and Canadian cities. Find routes, maps, public transportation resources, lodging and more.

  • Bike Share: If you don’t own a bike, bike share can be a great way to check out nearby parks on two wheels. Some national parks even offer bike share!

  • Bikemunk also offers a comprehensive list of bike share companies by state.

Bring Your Family

Kids of all ages can learn about the outdoors on two wheels and discover recreating on Bike Your Park Day.

  • Every Kid Outdoors: all fourth graders and their families can get a free pass to all national parks, lands, and waters.

  • Discover the Forest: A kid-friendly site that helps families connect to the forests and public lands near them.

  • Kids in Parks: The NPS offers many programs to engage kids and help them discover the outdoors.

  • Bicycling with kids: Adventure Cycling’s How-To resources can help you introduce bicycling to your kids. 

Bring Bikes Aboard

Put your bike on a bus, train, or boat and use public transportation to supplement your bike overnight.

  • Amtrak Bicycle Services: Amtrak has many different services that allow people to bring bicycles on trains — check out the options for the routes in your area.

  • Planning Your Amtrak Bike Trip: Use these planning tools to help you figure out which bike services each Amtrak route and station provides.

Be A Park Steward

Give back to your parks and public lands by participating in a service event on September 25, 2021 for National Public Lands Day when you bike your park.  It's possible to participate in both Bike Your Park Day and National Public Lands Day!

Go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another way to explore your public lands and the bike trails they offer. Make sure that biking is allowed on the trails before you ride them. 

Photo by Jonathan Terbush

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