TransAmerica Section 11

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Berea, KY - Christiansburg, VA (370.5 miles)
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June 2019

The Appalachians may not be as tall as the Rockies, but they are harder to cross than the big mountains of the West. Cyclists find the gentle inclines of the Rockies are not nearly as tiring as the steep, roller-coaster grades of the Appalachians. Traffic in the backcountry of Appalachia is generally light. Exceptions include popular tourist spots such as Breaks Interstate Park, the Buckhorn Lake area, and the Jefferson National Forest. The route crosses the Appalachian Hiking Trail several times near Damascus, Virginia. Section 11 ends in Christiansburg. Click on enlargement for detail.

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Reviewed By: George Simmons on 8/29/10

Excellent - you all should design maps (paper) for every bike route, for every biking organization in the USofA, if not the world! I don't know who is second, but you all are way-y-y-y-y-y ahead of them. Great job and thank you.

what i like about the new maps


Reviewed By: A customer from friday harbor, washington on 11/10/09

i have traveled the route when you were bikecentenial. the profile is a welcolm addition. thankyou

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