Pacific Coast Route Section 4

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San Francisco, CA - Santa Barbara, CA (383 miles)
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Because the heavy motorized traffic tends to be even heavier in the summer, we reccommend that you ride this route in the spring or autumn. May and September/October are the best months for riding. From the Golden Gate Bridge, the route heads directly to the coast via city streets. After rejoining SR 1, you'll encounter heavy traffic but here SR 1 has shoulders in most places. From Carmel Heights to San Simeon there are few services. This is a beautiful but demanding road with minimal shoulders traversing open grasslands and timbered slopes above the ocean. State and national campgrounds provide sites overlooking the beach. They are quiet in the off season but extremely busy in the summer. You'll encounter five major climbs along the border of the Los Padres National Forest; one of these takes you to almost 1,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. The route flattens south of Harmony. From Morro Bay to Pismo Beach you'll leave SR 1 for local, county, and state roads with intermittent shoulders. At Oceano you'll head inland, then join US 101 and ride back to the coast. West of Goleta you'll leave US 101 and travel along business arterials to enter Santa Barbara.

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CA coast map


Reviewed By: A customer from Vancouver, BC Canada on 12/25/06

This map is full of excellent information, particularly the HILLS! haha Thank you for providing a great source of information for our trip down the coast.

Easy to use map!


Reviewed By: A customer from Santa Monica, CA USA on 6/11/09

The map was great. It fit right into my handlebar bag. The route took us off the main highway where possible to avoid traffic and to enjoy the scenery. I really enjoyed the half moon bay bike path. The campsite listings and bike shop listings were also very useful. The route does pass up the 17 mile drive in the Carmel area. It would be nice if the map included a possible detour to include part of the 17 mile drive.

pacific coast route section 4


Reviewed By: A customer from Hercules, CA on 7/1/09

I have used this map for 4 or 5years as i ride down the coast from the San Francisco Bay area almost every summer. Last year i met two Canadian riders heading north from just above the Malibu CA area. They were young and adventurous and had no maps or idea of what they were getting into. I offered them both the southern section i carry and the section 4 map. They took the Santa Barbara to SF section and so i needed to replace it. I don't feel comfortable without a map and these are great maps.

Pacific Coast Route Section 4


Reviewed By: Karl Littau on 7/1/09

Very good although I would recommend staying on Hollister Ave. through the first part of Santa Barbara (going south) until Modoc Rd. The bike paths in Santa Barbara add significant distance and are confusing. I got lost twice on them. Traffic on Hollister isn't that bad. Otherwise it was an excellent experience made possible by good maps.

Pacific Coast Route Section 4, Review


Reviewed By: Steve Albano on 9/25/09

Overall, this map was very helpful in my recent tour from Monterey CA to Santa Barbara CA. Each section of the map was pretty acurate, and I found the elevation profile to be very helpful. The mapped route did it's best to keep us out of heavy traffic areas, but in one area, I would have opted for a more direct route. In Goleta, the route had us go on an extended tour of UCSB via a bike path. Again, this was to keep us out of traffic, but there is a well marked route call "Cross Town", that is safe, and much more direct. Just my opinion. Otherwise this is a very useful tool! Thanks!!

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