Northern Tier Section 4

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Dickinson, ND - Fargo, ND (343.5 miles)
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November 2015

From Dickinson to Fargo, the route follows a portion of I-94, county roads and state highways. The highways east of Bismarck carry very little traffic. Long, straight stretches are the norm. In broad terms, the terrain is a vast, open plain that slopes downward from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. Local relief is very gentle, with the exception of a few hills across river breaks.

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Great map!


Reviewed By: Debra Koltveit on 9/3/09

Rugby ND is a town worth going to; the Prairie Village and Museum is good and the Cornerstone Cafe had good food. It's also 46 miles from the International Peace Garden--another worthy destination. The map lists a restaurant in Esmond, go for the special! It closes at 2 pm, so get there early.

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