Northern Tier Section 3

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Cut Bank, MT - Dickinson, ND (544 miles)
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With only a few exceptions, through central and eastern Montana you will be riding on long, straight sections of U.S. 2 following the route of Burlington Northern railroad built in the 1800's. Traffic is light to moderate. Leaving the "Hi-Line" near Wolf Point, MT, the route heads southeast crossing the Yellowstone River at Glendive, MT, where you'll follow the I-94 corridor to Dickinson, ND. Portions of this route are contiguous with the Lewis & Clark Trail.

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Northern tier 1 and 2


Reviewed By: A customer from Rochester, NY on 8/3/11

I just completed a ride from Seattle to Glacier and found the maps very usefull in planning and executing the trip. Along the way I met a lot of riders who were not using your maps and when I showed them the information that you include they said that in the future they were going to buy these. The only thing I wished along the way was that each panel also had the profile of the grades for that panel. Knowing what was coming as far as ups or downs was somehow comforting.

Phelps's Mission Possible - July 1st- October 1, 2011


Reviewed By: Brian G. Phelps on 2/3/11

July 1, 2011, I will be cycling 4,000 miles across USA & Canada, solo, self-contained. Northern Tier, Section 3 looks very good. I will keep you folks and America posted about how Sections One and Three work out, especially with the increased tanker-truck traffic in Eastern MT and Western ND. Your organization has been a tremendous resource for me and will continue to be. Thanks, Brian G. Phelps -Phelps's Mission Possible

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