Southern Tier Section 5

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Navasota, TX - New Orleans, LA (570.4 miles)
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March 2023

From Navasota eastward the route continues through farming and ranching country on the state highways and rural roads. Near the Texas/Louisiana border you'll pass through verdant "Big Thicket" country. The culture changes as the route heads into Louisiana. Mamou is known for its Cajun music and make sure you sample some of that famous Cajun food. The route continues to follow mostly low traffic rural roads on flat terrain and bike paths along the Mississippi River into New Orleans. Click on enlargement for detail.

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Good map


Reviewed By: Stephen Mackintosh on 10/17/18

I am a quadriplegic planning to do a recumbent bike ride from Dallas, Texas to St. Augustine, Florida, using the southern tier from DeRitter Louisiana to St. Augustine, Florida. My wife and I actually drove according to your map from DeRitter, Louisiana to Gulf Shores, Florida. We drove it to checkouts its accuracy as well as my abilities to do this ride. The map was excellent. And we were able to work on variations due to certain areas being difficult for my condition. I do wish that the map could be downloaded onto a PC. To solve this, we used the iPhone to take a picture of the map sector, so I could then follow the map and give instructions as my wife drove the car. Also, it would be helpful if the map app that goes on the iPhone had a directional voiceover, so that you could hear the audio for the directions versus having to look in your phone while driving and/or biking. Overall a great product… Well done with great detail, which also includes services along the way. Thank you for what you do. By the way, do you have a bicycle route from Dallas, Texas to DeRitter Louisiana? We actually tried to map a route on our own, as we drove from Louisiana to Dallas. Your help due to your expertise would be wonderful.



Reviewed By: Rick on 4/11/16

I have yet to use the maps so cannot attest as to their accuracy. However, their detail is such that I am going to order some others for our cross country ride. Thank you!

Accurate map, roads not always great


Reviewed By: Anonymous on 7/13/09

Very good map. Traffic was minimal, however sometimes this translated to rougher roads. At WB mile 33 on map 76 there is currently a detour for LA 103 that goes south through Pointe Barre. It is well signed and the roads are reasonable. It returns to the map route at the intersection of LA 743 and LA 103 just outside of Washington.

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