Western Express & Trans Am Map Set

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San Francisco, CA - Yorktown, VA (3,738.7 miles)
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Adventure Cycling Association
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**Note: Map sets are separate inventory and can only be sold and returned as map sets. We are unable to return individual maps if purchased as a set.**

This set combines the Western Express Route of 4 maps and the eastern portion of the TransAmerica Trail of 6 maps. The routes meet in Pueblo, Colorado. This combination is a more direct route between the east and west coasts through the central United States.

For more information on this route or to print out the most up to date addenda for these maps please click on link: Western Express Route, Trans Am Route

Map Set Includes

  • Western Express Route Section 1 (BC-2101)
  • Western Express Route Section 2 (BC-2102)
  • Western Express Route Section 3 (BC-2103)
  • Western Express Route Section 4 (BC-2104)
  • TransAM Section 7 (BC-1531)
  • TransAM Section 8 (BC-1532)
  • TransAM Section 9 (BC-1533)
  • TransAM Section 10 (BC-1541)
  • TransAM Section 11 (BC-1542)
  • TransAM Section 12 (BC-1543)

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Valuable but with limitations


Reviewed By: Anna on 12/31/20

I will start by saying that I think ACA's objectives are fantastic and I was really happy to be a part of supporting their work through membership/purchasing maps. And their customer service was top notch. In 2019 I used the digital version of this map set available on the Bicycle Route Navigator app. I had never cycle-toured before and never been to the states before so I appreciated the guidance when it came to route planning. The maps are limited to specifically the line that they take. I often wanted to make detours for a good camping spot or to visit a national park. Often there can be a fantastic free camping spot only a short way off the route but not listed on the maps, so I found myself frequently using google maps and campendium as well. This was particularly true on the Western Express part of the trip. From Pueblo east, the maps really came into their own, offering information about camping in local parks or accommodation in church halls etc, that I would otherwise not have known about. That's what really gives them the 4-star rating. A lot of excellent work has clearly gone into liaising with institutions on the routes to make these opportunities available to cyclists. The one thing that really bugged me, however, was that even though I was using a digital version of the maps, I was still reliant on the appendices published separately on the website. Because the app linked into wifi or data (when I had it) to download map sections, I assumed it would be completely up to date. This assumption unfortunately led me into a few less favourable situations. At the very least, I think it needs to be made clearer on the website that the appendices are also required for the app version of the maps. Overall I would say that as someone with no experience of cycling in the states, I was glad I had the maps and I would use them again if doing a similar route.

Excellent maps


Reviewed By: Larry Sietsma on 9/20/18

Having used the Adventure Cycling maps for 4 cross country rides, I can unequivocally recommend them. The map detail as well as the local information are invaluable when traveling through unfamiliar areas of the country. Thank you Adventure Cycling



Reviewed By: Jan Brataas on 7/17/16


Western Express + TransAm East


Reviewed By: A customer from UK on 10/5/10

Packaging very flimsy - torn in the mail, and had to be re-packed by UK's Royal Mail Maps seem to be good, but are numbered for use from West to East as the natural direction - they're not genuinely neutral as to direction. I would like information on altitude gain/loss included in each step of the route - not just in graphs which it is difficult to use to pre-plan daily targets.

Looking Forward to Seeing Complete Set when I get Home


Reviewed By: Tom Johnson on 6/20/10

The maps came missing Western Express #3 and TransAm East #10. I have been out of the country a lot and worked through email to resolve. I think the final map I need will be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow. I have experienced great support. It is not good that there was a problem, but I am sure it will be resolved. I order a second Western Express set for a friend and it came just fine, complete.

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