TransAmerica Section 12

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Christiansburg, VA - Yorktown, VA (365.9 miles)
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February 2019

Section 12 of the TransAm Trail begins in Christiansburg. Most of the roads through the Appalachians of central Virginia are narrow. After the town of Vesuvius, there is a four-mile climb onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. The hills continue along the  Parkway. No commercial traffic is allowed and the speed limit of 45 mph is strictly enforced. There are, however, no shoulders and there are a great number of recreational vehicles. After leaving the parkway, the gently rolling hills of the Tidewater are well-suited for cycling. You'll ride along the Colonial National Historical Park between Williamsburg and Yorktown, the TransAm Trail's ending point.

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Reviewed By: NC Fan on 3/4/23

I like paper maps. They are instantly oriented and give you a great overview with plenty of detail. For closer inspection. confirm with Google maps. Great trip planning partners!



Reviewed By: Mitchell Metzger on 9/20/19

I used all 12 maps for my Trans Am trip in 2019. I used them A LOT. All the time, always on my handlebar bag. They were water resistant, tear proof, did not bleed and 110% helpful. I loved these maps. The designers are geniuses. Thank you so much!

Most Fun Map Ever


Reviewed By: A customer from Mt. Pleasant, MI on 9/5/09

I only learned to ride a bike three weeks ago. I'm 56. The whole thing is terrifying and astonishing to me. Needless to say, I haven't needed this map yet. But it is stunning nonetheless. You will love these maps.

TransAmerica Section 12 Map


Reviewed By: Jimmy Richardson on 6/11/09

As always, the map was very good and I would recommend it to others. The only flaw was in getting onto the Colonial Parkway just outsidce Jamestown. I missed it and still don't know how. It wasn't clear, that that needs some help.

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