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Carry this credit card-sized magnifier with you for those hard to read maps, menus or magazines.  Made of plastic, it magnifies 3x the original size.  2 3/8" x 2 3/16"



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Not quite yet...


Reviewed By: Mitchell Metzger on 9/20/19

I really thought I would need this on my Tran Am trip across the USA but believe it or not, I was still able to read all the maps without it. I do not need glasses yet. I had it ready in my handlebar bag but, honestly, I did not have to use it. I am keeping it because maybe in a few more years my eyes will be looking for it - needing it.

Handy to read the Visa bill


Reviewed By: Michael Dean on 8/14/19

I kept one of these in my wallet during a recent tour. Pulled it out a few times to be able to read the small print on my credit card bills, and also once to be able to read clearly just how much power remained in my cell phone. If I had to refer to my paper maps, that would also be a valuable circumstance to have this so that the map details are clear.

Unobtrusive and quite useful


Reviewed By: Bob Clark on 4/21/19

This magnifying reader helps immensely when reading maps. No need to resort to my “close eyes” (reading glasses). Incredible value for a useful, yet unobtrusive tool.

Magnifying Card


Reviewed By: Bill Schnabel on 4/12/19

Handy little item. I keep it in my map slip for quick reference of the map so as not to have to haul out my "cheaters". Riders of that certain age will appreciate this $3 item. Its value exceeds its price greatly!

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