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Passing cars swing wider and give you more room when you use the Safety Wing. This EU-approved safety device is a folding reflector arm that extends 12" from the bike. When not needed, it easily folds back and out of the way.
The Safety Wing is typically mounted at the end of the chain stay on the left side of the bicycle, but the universal mounting bracket lets you mount anywhere you can fit it. For example, the seat stay and rack are popular mounting positions.  All fitting hardware is supplied with the Safety Wing and the product is easily installed in minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver.


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Works well


Reviewed By: Charlie on 1/6/21

I haven't had any issues going over 20 mph with the safety wing on my bike. It's lightweight too. It was easy to install and stays in place. I like that I can fold it back when I'm storing it. So there are really no downsides to having it on my bike, and I've noticed drivers seem to give me more space when passing now, which makes me feel safer.

Doesn't like speed over 15mph


Reviewed By: Jutta Sleezer on 7/26/20

I am not a fast rider on my touring bike but when I exceed speeds of 15mph (usually downhill though) the safety wing doesn't stay in place very well. I use my foot to straighten it out while riding but hope I don't land on my face doing that one of these days. It doesn't fit very well on my Salsa bike which may be the reason it doesn't stay in place very well.. I do feel safer with it though.

Safety Wing


Reviewed By: Ted Capron on 8/23/17

Certainly makes me feel safer in traffic

Safety cushion widens


Reviewed By: Ben Nevis on 4/5/17

Works for me. I fastened it to my rear rack rather than frame. I think motorists appreciate, perhaps unconsciously, that you are asserting your concern for safety. They seem to pass me a couple feet wider and usually wait for oncoming traffic to clear. Yes, it seems a bit goofy, not the stuff of spandex pros. But better to look nerdish than deadish.



Reviewed By: Steve on 6/28/16

Doesn't fit onto the chainstay of our Co-Motion tandem. Waste of money.

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