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The best eyeglasses-mounted mirror money can buy also mounts to helmet visors. Made in the USA, very adjustable, and perpetually guaranteed by the manufacturer, this mirror surface is 1 7/16" x 1 1/16" and has a forward extension of 3".



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Best There Is


Reviewed By: Fatboy on 6/28/20

I’ve used one for decades, after trying half a dozen inadequate alternatives. Takes an hour or two to get used to focusing with the left eye. No time if you’ve been using a helmet or eyeglass-mounted mirror. Completely custom adjustable. Almost unbreakable metal construction. Extremely secure. Won’t work well on thin, wire temples. Needs a temple with a rectangular cross-section to secure. John Lennon glasses won’t work. Saved my life once when I was intentionally run off the road. My only riding buddies who don’t use them refuse because of vanity— think all mirrors make them look amateur. If you ride in traffic— any amount— you should be using this mirror.

So surprisingly good!!


Reviewed By: Hawk Mendenhall on 5/25/20

As cars have gotten more aggressive and I've gotten older and still not developed eyes in the back of my head, I decided to take the plunge on a rear view mirror. This one was inexpensive and since I had little hope it would be any good, I thought why not? Bingo!! It's a winner! Adjustable, effective and works great on my riding sunglasses. Couldn't be happier.

Excellent mirror


Reviewed By: Lisa on 5/4/20

This mirror works great! Easy to mount on glasses and easy to adjust sight view. Very pleased with it and highly recommend!

The most durable mirror I've used


Reviewed By: Allen Hancock on 4/24/20

I've tried a number of different handlebar mirrors over the years and they have all broken (usually when my loaded bike accidentally falls over while parked). This mirror has held up for years. I've dropped my helmet and the wire might bend a little but I can always bend it back. These make a great gift. With each new person using a mirror it helps normalize what should be standard riding equipment (would you drive a car without a mirror?)

Good clear view


Reviewed By: Lynn B on 11/15/19

I already have one of these and bought an extra for a tour I am taking next year. If the one I have broke, I would be lost without it. I use it all the time when riding even on the sidewalks. Gives you a good idea of traffic behind me.

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