TransAmerica Section 10

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Murphysboro, IL - Berea, KY (400.4 miles)
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January 2020

In southern Illinois, section 10 of the TransAm Trail skirts glaciated terrain, then winds through the ridges and valleys of the Little Ozarks. This small mountain range appears as sandstone and limestone bluffs and escarpments. It is unique in the United States because it runs on an east-west axis. Traffic increases in and near towns. The route crosses the Ohio River on a ferry and also joins the Great River South Route for a short distance. Western and Central Kentucky is horse country and you'll pass many farms with grazing thoroughbreds. The map includes an 79-mile loop southward to Mammoth Cave National Park and ends in Berea.

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Reviewed By: Mitchell Metzger on 9/20/19

I used all 12 maps for my Trans Am trip in 2019. I used them A LOT. All the time, always on my handlebar bag. They were water resistant, tear proof, did not bleed and 110% helpful. I loved these maps. The designers are geniuses. Thank you so much!

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