Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless Computer

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The top of the line Planet Bike 9 function computer with MacroMonitor LCD four-line display is packed with features: Current speed, ride time, distance, dual odometer with ATB and road tire indicators, average speed, max speed, clock, temperature and speed comparator. Waterproof and heavy duty. The digital Wireless Technology eliminates messy wires. Black.


Weight: (w/ bracket & sensor) 88 grams

Size: Case size 40 x 55mm

Height: (w/ bracket) 27mm

Instalation manual, please see: Downloads




Average rating: based on 8 reviews.

Hard to find


Reviewed By: Mitchel Bulthuis on 12/24/20

There are many cycle computers but I find this to be wonderful for touring. I have used the planet Bike Protege on my other touring bike and was very happy with it. It has the basics and temperature, read out is large for my aging eyes, operation is simple. I had trouble locating the Planet Bike Protege in my local bike shops and was happy to find it in cyclesource.

Great cycling computer


Reviewed By: Dan K on 9/23/20

It has all the bells and whistles I like but nothing more. It’s easy to set up, easy to read while riding and Ccurate. I couldn’t find it in other stores but found it through Adventure Cycling. Buying it online was easy and it shipped very fast to my home.

Planet Bike 9.oh wireless


Reviewed By: Bundy P on 3/26/20

Generally I like this computer. I like the temp dial, but obviously only accurate in shade. I have this computer on my mid-fat and fat bike both with Jones 'H' bar. Seems finicky on placement of computer-wheel magnet and only works in most ideal, close mounting. It might be the metal on the H bar. Works best on outer most bar and not on main handle bar-stem mount which is kind of a pain. I totally agree with reviewers comments about having to manually turn on from sleep mode = pain



Reviewed By: Rob Florida on 12/25/19

Like so much info on one screen, easy to see (even with my 74 year old eyes). It appears (unless I missed it in instructions) changing the time (dst) requires hard wipe and resetting complete device.

Planet Bike 9.0 Wireless computer


Reviewed By: Michael Gormley on 7/25/12

Works well. Installation not difficult - pretty good instructions. Large Sensor was a little tricky to align with the wheel sensor. You do need to turn the unit on frequently - a slight inconvenience. Temperature will read high if in the sun. I have a brown burn mark on the screen from the sun from a couple month's use. Otherwise, simple to use and am satisfied with the performance.

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