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Trade in your bulky earmuffs for a sleeker more comfortable product. Engineered out of soft-shell sports fabric and designed to hold in ear warmth while you ride. Providing full ear coverage, these are the perfect solution for all-season riders and commuters. So trade in your bulky earmuffs and keep your ears warm and comfy while blocking out more than 80% of wind noise.


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Little noise block.


Reviewed By: James Asa on 11/23/22

Didn’t significantly reduce wind noise. Helped with cold.

Did not block wind noise for me, but great for keeping my ears warm


Reviewed By: Anne Anderson on 7/22/21

For me, I got no reduction in wind noise, but my ears stay toasty.

Wind bloc ear covers


Reviewed By: Bob Efron on 12/5/20

They work as advertised. They cut wind noise by 90%.

Wind and cooler temp protection


Reviewed By: Steven Freeman on 11/30/20

I am very pleased with the Wind Blox Focus ear covers. The covers provide just enough ear protection for my colder weather riding conditions. These have proven ideal for temps in the 40F to 57F range where I typically want more protection from the elements. They provide just enough warmth as well as wind protection while I ride. I have skull caps with ear protection but like the Wind Blox more as they do not ride up and expose my ear. I am very pleased and do recommend adding these to your colder weather gear.

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