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Wonder how steep the hill is? This perfect accessory lets you read the grade with ease while you climb.

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Handlebar Inclinometer


Reviewed By: Lee Kanning on 3/29/23

I got this gadget because in the winter I ride a one-speed with flat pedals, and I wanted to get an idea of how steep are the hills I stall out on. It's quality construction, mostly metal, and I like that it's made in the USA. I resisted it for years, thinking it was just too dorky, but now I'm old enough I don't care. I'm glad I finally got it!

U.S. manufacturing still has it!


Reviewed By: Rob Hoelscher on 5/20/22

Designed and built in CO, I was so very impressed with the quality of the machining, the tight fit of all the parts, the simplicity of the design, and the perfect degree of sensitivity of the instrument itself. Frankly, I’m not sure how they do it for $18. I would have paid much more for it. Might we be looking at testament to the folly of moving so much of our manufacturing overseas? I would encourage Adventure Cycling and the bicycle riding community to continue to highlight and seek out U.S.-made bicycle products. I have to constantly remind myself that the hidden costs associated with much of “competitively priced” high-quality merchandise coming from overseas are much more significant than I suspect. This basic awareness and all of our efforts to support U.S. manufacturing would be in complete alignment with what I see as Adventure Cycling’s broadest mission: to help improve the quality of life for all in the U.S. and beyond. Thank you Adventure Cycling for all that you do. I truly believe that your organization and your supporters/readers/riders are making a difference.

Incline meter


Reviewed By: Chuck Luzader on 10/8/20

I don’t think the bolt attachment to the incline meter is secured tight enough



Reviewed By: Dave Erickson on 8/27/20

It jumps by 5% or more percent when pedaling out of the saddle. A more viscous fluid would help.

Limited Usefulness


Reviewed By: Michael Dean on 8/14/19

I just returned from a week's touring in eastern OR, an area with LOTS of hills. Installed this device shortly before leaving. While the device can be adjusted on the fly to make sure that it registers 0 deg (flat) when you're on a flat as the benchmark, it would often tell me I'm going up when I'm going down or down when going up. There was little consistency it its readings. Which means it adds nothing to what I already know. Not much harm in having it on the bike; it is light and easily removed. But also of no real utility.

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