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This is truly an adjustable bell. The strap fits bars with diameters from 15mm to 39mm. The dinger of the bell adjusts to any position around the dome, making it possible to use your thumb or any finger to ring the bell. 26g. Black.

Supply is low, if out of stock or unconvinced on bell specifics, please check out: Mirrycle Incredibell XL

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Not a good bell


Reviewed By: Scott Brand on 7/28/22

While the bell sound is fine I find that the mounting mechanism is faulty. Rather than be attached using a bolt/nut assembly it has a plastic wrap that secures itself using friction through a little belt type fastener. It's very hard to get it tight and even then it continues to rotate down on my handle bar when I ring the bell. I would not recommend or buy it again.

Great little bell


Reviewed By: RexG on 11/11/21

I feel kinda rude shouting "On your left!" to people, so a bell is a great way to announce my approach. I have one of the earlier Mirrycle bells on another bike, so wanted to order one for my new ride (and support Adv. Cyc. at the same time!), so I got this one. It's a bit bigger than the older model, but not obtrusive, and certainly much smaller than most other bells. Mounts easily. It is a lot louder than the old one, but that just permits me to ring in a little further back, which is a good thing. Seems well-built and sturdy. Overall, a great little bell at a great price!



Reviewed By: chris on 3/12/21

I've bought a whole shoebox full of crappy bells, this is the one that I have on three of my bikes. It doesn't rattle during rough rides, is loud enough to be heard and is flexible in configuration to fit most any bar setup and ringer orientation. Also, I suggest you disregard the 3 star review above that was "Expecting a Premium Product" - its an $8.00 bell, be realistic!



Reviewed By: William Padula on 4/7/19

This is an expectation situation. If your searching for a very basic inexpensive bell this could be perfect for you. If you are looking for something more upscale in quality and performance this will disappoint! I returned it.

mirracycle bell


Reviewed By: ernie grillo on 4/5/19

love everything about the bell except, when it is raining, the bell no longer dings and more closely, goes donk donk. turned it sideways, upside down, no help. It makes the same clunk sound when it rains.

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