Pacific Coast Route Section 5

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Because the considerable traffic in southern California tends to be even heavier in summer and on the weekends, we recommend that you ride this route in the spring or autumn. May and September - October are the best months for riding. Note that during summer, strong winds prevail from north to south. The routing consists of a combination of riding on city and residential streets, bike paths, highways, and 7.7 miles on the I-5 shoulder. Bicyclists are legally allowed to ride on this portion of the interstate. Prepare for urban riding conditions. In the metropolitan areas, you will also encounter pedestrians, skateboarders, roller bladers, and other self-propelled vehicles on the bike paths. Slow down and ride with caution. Throughout the section, the route stays close to sea level. The route ends at the Border Field State Park south of Imperial Beach, where the U.S.A and Mexico share the border at the Pacific Ocean.


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