Lewis & Clark Section 5

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This section is rich with historical locations, an option, an alternate and a spur. You can easily pedal more than the cover value of 470.1 miles if you choose Section 5 of the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail. At Three Forks, the Missouri River splits into the Gallatin, Madison and Jefferson rivers, and you will leave the Missouri for the final time. Just south of Dillon, there's a choice to remain on the main westbound route or take the Big Hole Option. The main route over Lehmi Pass includes 24.5 miles of gravel while the 87.2-mile Big Hole Option is slightly shorter and is entirely paved. An additional Continental Divide crossing may be made via the 15.5-mile gravel Gibbon's Pass Alternate. From North Fork, Idaho, on the main route, you have the opportunity to ride along "The River of No Return" on the 18.2-mile Shoup Spur. From North Fork, it is nearly a straight shot north to Lolo, Montana, the site of Travelers' Rest State Park. This is the site where Lewis and Clark stopped in each direction to rest and regroup for the next stages in their journey.


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